This time we will talk about which links are most valuable; links that are relevant or simply links with high authority. Achieving strong links is a time-consuming process. Therefore, it is very important that you use the available resources equally effectively.

How do you determine the link authority of a website?

For some websites, it is very easy to determine link authority. Think of the websites of well-known companies and organisations. Here, it doesn’t matter much if you are targeting the same niche. For other websites, it can be very difficult to determine the authority. However, there are a few aspects you can consider to have a good point of reference.

For example, you can first look at the whole website. Is it well constructed and of good quality? If not, you can already draw your conclusions. It can also be helpful to ask yourself if you would pay for a link from this website. If so, you can look at how a website handles links. Do they use nofollow or do they use affiliate marketing? A final tip is to use tools like Majestic or Moz .

How do you determine the link relevance of a website?

If you want to find out the relevance of a website, it’s important to look at the whole website first. Is the website relevant to yours? You can often tell at first glance. Then you can look at the topics of the published content. You may find that the topics discussed vary widely, from diet pills to the latest iPhone. This can be a bad sign, so pay close attention. In the third step, you can investigate whether the people mentioned on the website are credible. For example, look at personal profiles on other platforms.

Our advice

The most effective link you can achieve has high authority and relevance. A combination of these factors usually achieves the best results. Don’t be alarmed if a link doesn’t fulfil both aspects, because that doesn’t mean it’s a useless link. We advise you not to focus too much on the quality of a link for ranking, but to look further.

A relevant link can be just as valuable as a high authority link, just in a different way. A valuable link attracts the right traffic. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nofollow link, a low authority link or a link with less relevance. A good tactic is to look for sites that attract a similar audience. If there is good to very good link authority and relevant content is offered on the website, that is already a very good match.