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    Do you want to get higher in Google through Link Building? Then outsourcing your link building at Equote.eu is a good option. Outsourcing your link building at Equote.eu is simple, cheaper and qualitatively very strong. We use techniques that will help to get your website higher in Google in 2021.

    Yet experience shows that you Outsource link building can be a big step. Many agencies have monthly contracts that you are tied to. By outsourcing your link building at Equote.eu, you are not committed to anything and you can see in advance what will be posted. This way you never pay for backlinks that you actually didn’t want. 

    How does outsourcing link building work?

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    How can you know us?

    What is link building?

    Link building is the name for obtaining backlinks. A backlink is one link on another site that refers to your website. So when you start link building, you proactively work with it to obtain as many good backlinks as possible. Why? This has everything to do with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Search engines use algorithms to determine which website should be in which position for a particular search query. These algorithms produce results from more than 200 ranking factors .

    Do you want to get high in Google, or do well in another search engine? Then it is important that your website scores well on the ranking factors that are important.

    Now it is true that link building is part of the ranking factor “ Authority ”. A site’s authority plays a huge role in determining your page’s rank on a particular keyword. So if your site has a high authority, you will sooner rank high in Google than if you have little authority.

    Authority is therefore important and is mainly determined by the number of domains that refer to the specific site. For example, you see that a site such as nu.nl has a lot of authority because an awful lot of domains refer to it. As a result, nu.nl continuously succeeds in being at the top of the search engines with their news.

    When you have a smaller news site with fewer references, this is a lot more difficult. That is why gaining authority is important and you do this by referring as many good domains as possible to your website.

    What does outsourcing link building cost?


    In principle, you can outsource link building from any desired budget. It goes without saying that with a budget of € 750 per month you will achieve more than with a budget of € 100 per month.

    For starters, the analysis we do is Free. With this analysis we can see what budget is needed to achieve your goals or vice versa, see what goals we can achieve with your budget. Do you already have an idea of what kind of links you want? Then fill in the tailor-made offer in. Then you will receive a suitable offer within a day.

    Not convinced yet? This is what our customers are saying

    Equote.eu is clear in what they promise and also keeps these promises.

    Jan-Willem / Freelance Internet Marketeer

    I have been working with this party for months now and that is going smoothly.

    André / Linkbuilding Specialist

    Great service, do what they promise.

    Marie / Online Marketing Consultant

    Affordable prices and personal contact. Fine cooperation.

    Caitrina / Online Marketing Specialist

    Quick handling of the order, will definitely come back here for my clients.

    David / Freelance internet marketeer

    I had passed on wrong anchor texts, could still adjust them afterwards. So good service.

    Youri / SEO

    Nice party to work with.

    Sebastiaan / Linkbuilding

    Super fast response and placement. Bought me out well before the end of the month.

    Laura / Linkbuilding Expert

    Neat writing style for blogger outreach.

    Marijn / Linkbuilding Specialist

    Neat handling of the assignment, doing what they promise.

    Leonie / Senior Marketeer

    Good service.

    Wouter / SEO Consultant

    Strong network and good prices.

    René / Linkbuilder

    I received a quick answer, written and posted my articles within a week.

    Peter / Senior Marketeer

    Fast response to the mail.

    Tom / Linkbuilding Expert

    Personal contact goes well.

    Stephan / Online Marketing Strategist

    Good quality and do what they promise.

    Caitlin / Linkbuilder

    More than 400 links placed for my customers within 7 days, clear reporting.

    Sergio / Linkbuilding Expert

    Huge range, reasonable prices. Especially with multiple samples.

    Andrea / SEO

    All my articles posted within one day, good job.

    Tina / SEO Expert

    Had good contact with them, helped quickly.

    Herm / Linkbuilding

    What kind of links are placed?

    When you outsource your link building, you outsource part of the SEO strategy. That is why it is important that this is done properly. That is why we always strive to place your links on quality sites.

    What is a qualitative link.

    A quality can be determined on the basis of different values. For example, in link building we often see that the quality is measured with Domain Authority (MOZ). However, this is only one external tool that gives the value to it and that is why it is also important to look at what else can be of value to a search engine. We consider a link to be qualitative when both the values from MOZ, Majestic, Ahrefs and the visitor numbers on a site are in order. Blogs on these types of sites can easily cost € 100, while a partner link on such a site can be as much as € 25.

    Type of backlink

    At Equote.eu you can place different types of links. For example, we post blogs, affiliate links, in-content links, start page links & directory links .. Each link has its own characteristics. For example, Blogs are most expensive followed by in-content links. The other shapes are a bit cheaper, but in general a bit less strong.

    Types of links we provide

    Grow your brand with the right backlinks.

    Strengthen your link profile

    The link profile of a website consists of all the different links that make up the website  has managed to collect. These can be seen in various tools that measure the authority of your website. It’s important to have a healthy and natural link profile to get high in Google. What does such a link profile look like?

    The link profile should look natural for a search engine. This means that there should be a pyramid structure. Many referrals from small / medium sites, slightly less referrals from medium sites and a number of top sites. Does this sound like a lot of work to you? Then outsourcing your link building might be a good option.

    We use the following link types for this ourselves.

    1. Affiliate links
    2. Blogs
    3. In-content links
    4. Home page clones
    5. Homepage.nl links


    By carefully placing backlinks in the different ways, you can create a strong link profile. The strong link profile ensures that you score high in Google or other search engines, provided the rest of your site is also up to standard. Outsourcing your link building can help with this.

    More about link building

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is link building alone enough?

    Unfortunately not. Outsourcing your link building is part of the SEO strategy. It is therefore important that the rest of the website is also in order to get high in Google. Do you want advice on this? Then contact us.

    Can I build link myself?

    Certainly, you can build link yourself, but this takes a lot of time. Link building requires you to approach quite a few sites and get your links on that website. This can be done by exchanging, paying or using any other good reason why your link is valuable to that website. A fair amount of work is required here. That is why outsourcing your link building is a good option.

    As you probably already sense, this takes quite a bit of time and is difficult to combine with all the other activities you have. That is why outsourcing link building is often a cheaper option. In this way you decide for yourself what you want to spend per month and you get the links that are good for your site.

    Outsourcing link building, how does that work?

    Outsourcing link building means that you outsource the link building for your website to equote.eu, for example. This way you save costs and a lot of time. How does this work?

    1. Fill in the tailor-made offer in or take Contact on.
    2. Equote.eu will contact you and give you a competitive offer and advice so that outsourcing link building is worthwhile.
    3. When the quotation is finalized, the domains that are good for your site are selected and passed on to you in advance. If you prefer to see your links on other sites, this can still be adjusted.
    4. When you agree with the placements, they will be realized.
    5. After realization you will receive a report of the links placed. Depending on a structural collaboration or not, this process will repeat itself.
    6. You will see that outsourcing your link building has been a worthwhile investment!

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