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DA10 +

  • MOZ DA 10+
  • Uniquely written
  • <1,000 visitors p / m
  • Live within 10 days

€ 35
excl. VAT

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DA20 +

  • MOZ DA 20+
  • Uniquely written
  • 1,000+ visitors p / m
  • Live within 10 days

€ 125
excl. VAT

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DA 30+

  • MOZ DA 30+
  • Uniquely written
  • 10,000+ visitors p / m
  • Live within 10 days

€ 175
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DA40 +

  • MOZ DA 40+
  • Uniquely written
  • 25,000+ visitors p / m
  • Live within 10 days

€ 275
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  • Volume discount
  • Developed strategy
  • Obligation free quote
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How does it work

Step 1: Choose your package

Choose the value of the blogs (MOZ) you want to order and enter the desired website.

Step 2: Choosing the right sites

Based on the supplied website, we choose websites that fit in with this. You will receive this in advance from us for approval.

Step 3: Placement & reporting

Upon approval, the texts will be written or supplied by you. We will post these and you will receive a report of the posted blogs.

Advantages of blogging through Equote

Examples of posted blogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are blogs / advertorials?

Blogs / advertorials often pretend to be sponsored posts on a website. This does not always state that the message is sponsored. In short, a blog about your website is placed on another website.

The advantage of such a message is that you provide content around the link in the text as opposed to a partner link. In fact, another website tells a story about your website and recommend your website via a link in the message.

This form of link building is by far the best and ensures the best results.


Where are these blogs posted?

This depends on the height of the domain authority (MOZ) you choose. Before we post the blog, we always consult with you whether the site we want to post on meets your expectations. In this way we always agree on the final placement.

Can I also choose a blog myself on which I can have my content posted?

Would you rather choose a blog yourself? Register for our offer via this link and receive exclusive access to our full range. This way you can scroll through our offer and choose where you want your blog published.

Are blogs nofollow or follow?

The links we place in the blogs are always follow. This ensures that search engines can read and index the URL. In this way, the authority of your website becomes higher.

Can my blogs / advertorials be placed extra quickly?

Yes this is possible, we can post all partner links within 2 days. We do not charge an extra rate for this. Let us know and we will let you know in no time if this is possible.

Will my blogs end up on Dutch sites?

When it comes to a Dutch website, it is.

If your website is in another language, it can also be in that language. We have thousands of link options and can place links for any language or domain extension.

Why post blogs via

As a link building specialist, we place many blogs for online marketing agencies, SMEs, but also for small parties. That’s why we create special purchase deals with publishers and manage hundreds of our own blogs. This ensures that we can take the service completely off your hands and publish at a lower rate than normal. Working with Equote therefore saves time, but also money!

In addition, we are happy to give you free advice about the options that are best for you. We like to think along with you and treat our customers personally. With us you will not find complicated customer service or queues as long as with the tax authorities. Direct and personal contact is our priority so that we can help you!

Can I link to two different websites in one blog?

Actually, this is not the intention. You can link to two different pages from one website, but usually not from two different sites.

If you really want this, let us know and we will find a site for you where this is possible.

Do the prices include writing?

No, you can supply the content yourself or have us write it for € 25 per article. In this case, you must provide us with the anchor texts and URLs. We write a matching text and, if desired, have it checked by you in advance.
Do you prefer to write yourself? No problem, we will let you know in advance whether there are specific writing conditions attached to the blog where we place you so that you can take this into account.

What are the writing conditions usually?

If you want to submit a blog yourself, the writing conditions are generally the same. If there are specific writing conditions, we will indicate this before you will write the blog.

  1. Minimum 300 words.
  2. Unique content
  3. Maximum 2 links
  4. No adult themes
  5. The publisher always reserves the right to refuse a blog if he / she disagrees with the content.
Are the placements permanent?

Yes, we always post blogs permanently. If this is not the case with a publisher, we will let you know in advance.

Other question?

Do you have another question? Do not hesitate Contact to record with us. We are happy to help!

This is what our customers think is clear in what they promise and also keeps these promises.

Jan-Willem / Freelance Internet Marketeer

I have been working with this party for months now and that is going smoothly.

André / Linkbuilding Specialist

Great service, do what they promise.

Marie / Online Marketing Consultant

Affordable prices and personal contact. Fine cooperation.

Caitrina / Online Marketing Specialist

Quick handling of the order, will definitely come back here for my clients.

David / Freelance internet marketeer

I had passed on wrong anchor texts, could still adjust them afterwards. So good service.

Youri / SEO

Nice party to work with.

Sebastiaan / Linkbuilding

Super fast response and placement. Bought me out well before the end of the month.

Laura / Linkbuilding Expert

Neat writing style for blogger outreach.

Marijn / Linkbuilding Specialist

Neat handling of the assignment, doing what they promise.

Leonie / Senior Marketeer

Good service.

Wouter / SEO Consultant

Strong network and good prices.

René / Linkbuilder

I received a quick answer, written and posted my articles within a week.

Peter / Senior Marketeer

Fast response to the mail.

Tom / Linkbuilding Expert

Personal contact goes well.

Stephan / Online Marketing Strategist

Good quality and do what they promise.

Caitlin / Linkbuilder

More than 400 links placed for my customers within 7 days, clear reporting.

Sergio / Linkbuilding Expert

Huge range, reasonable prices. Especially with multiple samples.

Andrea / SEO

All my articles posted within one day, good job.

Tina / SEO Expert

Had good contact with them, helped quickly.

Herm / Linkbuilding