If you are not familiar with the term A / B test, you may have heard of a bucket test or a split-run test. While performing this test, two variables, in this case A and B, are randomly tested. The two variables can be completely different or almost identical. With the help of this test you can find out which variable works best. You can easily compare certain methods in this way.

When can you use an A / B test?

It is important when performing an A / B test that you provide two equal scenarios. This way you can be sure that there are no other aspects that could influence the outcome. For example, you can perform a test based on the current method you are using, this is the A test. When you run the B test, you will change a variable. In this way you find out what the effect of the change in a variable is. These kinds of tests can be used in all different areas. What we see a lot is that you can use them perfectly to map the user-friendliness of a website or, for example, to improve the conversion of a website.

Improve online marketing

You can use an A / B test if you want to boost the online marketing of your website. This way you can find out what effect a change in style, color or layout of a website can have on a visitor. You can also look at substantive changes. By testing and improving a page, online visitors can become paying customers! This is of course the goal. This form of testing is also regularly used in social media marketing. For a social media page, these factors are also important and so you can ensure that you get the most out of your page.

Performing an A / B test

Perhaps a more concrete example can help you to get a better idea of how an A / B test works. If you are setting up a campaign and are interested in the influence of a certain variable, you can set up a mailing campaign. In this campaign you ensure that two groups are selected at random. You send one group link with code 1, the other group will send you code 2. By comparing the behavior of both groups and involving them in the codes, you can find out which code has the most desirable effect. This can help you gain more insight into the customs of your target group.

A / B tests are the beginning

Performing an A / B test can be extremely effective for online marketers, the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time and that only two variables are tested. In reality, of course, there are much more than just two variables that influence. That is why multivariable tests are often performed nowadays. In this way, much more than two results can be compared. Multinomial tests are also popular, several adjustments are made when performing these tests. A lot of time can be saved by comparing in this way.