When someone talks about an A location, it means an attractive location. The environment often has a major influence on the attractiveness of a location. This term is mainly used in retail or business services. For example, as a shop you will benefit from being able to acquire a building in a well-known shopping street. If you own an office building, you will make sure that the location is easily accessible for employees and customers. People’s online buying behavior influences these prime locations, do you want to know how? Then read on!

Location possibilities

There are a total of four different categories of attractive locations for shops. For example, A1 is the highest category, if the location of your store falls under this, it means that your store can be found in a city center. The store will therefore be easily accessible for shoppers. A2 is the second category, which means that the location is on the outskirts of a city. You will have to ask yourself which audience you want to attract, and whether the location of your company should contribute to this or not. B and C locations are located in completely different places and in the past these were often more attractive to companies that were not dependent on passing audiences. All these categories are fading a bit, this shift is mainly due to the mega rise of web shops. Shops in the busier areas are therefore increasingly giving way to catering establishments or concepts aimed at recreation.

Web shops of well-known retail chains

It is increasingly common for existing stores to launch a webshop. This is of course done for a reason, and there are many stores that have developed impressive tactics. We’ll go through some of them with you. Think of HEMA, for example, it is almost your birthday and you want to order a cake. This cake can only be picked up, as soon as you pick up your cake, and you are already there, you also take an extra bag of chips and a bottle of wine. In this way, you are unconsciously framed and HEMA does not have to invest energy in a delivery service. Coolblue, for example, also has a great strategy. Coolblue, for example, has a large webshop and the company owns a number of buildings. These buildings are located in B or C locations, so that large costs can be saved. At the same time, you can easily place an online order from the couch. In this way it is possible for coolblue to combine an affordable online and offline service.

A online domain with a lot of fame is also called an A location. This term is mainly used in the domain name trade. Domains with an A location are therefore the most popular. So you can actually compare the frequently visited websites exactly with a frequently visited store in a busy shopping street.