When you open a browser and look up a term, the first part of the page you see is the part we call ‘Above The Fold’. It is a very important place for marketers as visitors see this section when opening a page. If we take a more nuanced look, the first 600 pixels at the top of the page are also called Above The Fold.

It is therefore important that this information appeals to the public, because you are not sure that visitors will still scroll down. You will have to interest visitors at a glance. This part of a page has a lot of influence on the conversion of a page. It is therefore important that this looks as optimal as possible, you can do this by investing in conversion optimization.

Origin Above The Fold

Literally translated, ‘Above The Fold’ also means ‘above the fold’. This fold actually refers to the fold of a newspaper. In a shop, only the first folded page of a newspaper is visible to passing customers. It is therefore important that the information displayed on this page is attractive. This way you can sell more newspapers. You can actually compare an online page of today with a newspaper. Nowadays, marketing specialists do everything they can to inform Above The Fold in order to encourage people to stay on a page so that this can lead to conversion.

Size of a page

In general, as mentioned before, the first 600 pixels are seen as above the fold. This format is based on the monitor of a typical computer. Today more and more mobile phones are being used. There are now many different page layouts, this presents a huge challenge Online marketing specialists because this makes the part Above The Fold increasingly unclear. Often in mobile versions, the ads are displayed at the top of a page. So make sure that concise and interesting information is always displayed Above The Fold.