A shelter is a space in the open air, which is often partly closed, so you can take shelter there when the weather is bad. Bus shelters are common at bus stops or places where you can get on the tram or train. They are a kind of sheltered guard houses. You may have noticed that at these locations there are often different forms of marketing can be found. You often see large posters, or even large screens showing advertisements. Because many people wait for these places, it can be attractive for companies to advertise here.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, bus shelters were actually always closed spaces, unlike now. You could wait for public transport, or socialize with acquaintances. At one point, smoking in these guard houses was abolished, since then the houses have become much more popular. The word ‘abri’ is derived from the word ‘arbriter’, which means ‘shelter’ in French.

Shelters and marketing

When it was discovered that the houses were the perfect place to place advertisements, transporters responded smartly to this. This allowed carriers to generate extra income. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this method is often still questioned. This is because when measuring the involvement of passers-by it turned out that the results were not as high as expected. Nowadays, the involvement of the passing public is played out even more. You will now see advertisements that offer more interaction, this can be in the form of a QR code or the use of augmented reality. Another disadvantage is that vandalism cannot be prevented, so there is a certain risk involved in investing in this method of marketing.


In the online world, waiting times are now often used for advertising. If you are playing a game and a page is loading, you may see an ad. This is especially the case with free games, a whole network has been set up so that these types of advertisements can be distributed quickly and in a targeted manner. Nowadays waiting times are even added to show advertisements, which also generate income. For example, you can actually compare waiting in a bus shelter to waiting for a loading screen when you play a game, the same strategy is applied.