The term accessibility is often used when it comes to SEO . When reference is made to accessibility, this refers to the accessibility of a page. Especially for people with a disability it is important that a page is well put together. This not only concerns limitations in terms of motor skills, but also audiovisual limitations and intellectual disabilities. In addition, any learning and language deficiencies of visitors will have to be taken into account.

Accessibility is for everyone

During the development of a website, the focus is of course mainly on the target group of the company. If this target group is not aimed at people with a disability, there is a small chance that this will be taken into account. A standard website is often seen as sufficient, it can be created quickly. Nevertheless, many people who fall outside this target group, or fall within the target group but also have a disability, are not attracted in this way. It may just be that a company misses out on many potential customers, this is of course a shame. That is why it can also be important for pages that are aimed at providing general information or pages that want to appeal to a specific target group to pay attention to the accessibility of a page.

Improve accessibility

There are several adjustments that can be made to improve the accessibility of a page, here are a few tips.

  • Adjust texts so that they can be read optimally by screen readers for visually impaired visitors
  • Adjust the HTML so that a text is read when a photo is placed in the standard version
  • Provide subtitles for visitors who have a hearing impairment
  • Provide translations of a page for visitors who do not speak the Dutch language
  • Providing different font sizes, or a function where a text is read aloud
  • Please note that the responsive design that is used can handle different settings

How does accessibility affect SEO?

The accessibility of a website is especially important when the information provided on a page is of general interest. Consider, for example, the websites of the government. Unfortunately, it is still often the case that, especially by commercial companies, no attention is paid to people with a disability. This is a shame, because the adjustments can contribute to the accessibility for every visitor. For example, if you write a text for a page, you can already take this into account. This way you can ensure that a text is legible, which is very nice for non-native speakers, but also for people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, these adjustments also have a major impact on SEO. Formulating clear titles and texts and making translations available contribute to a strong SEO strategy. Investing in accessibility can therefore certainly benefit.