Another word for acquisition is recruiting. In the online media sector, this term is mainly used with regard to the acquisition of customers through advertising. When acquisition fraud is committed, it often means that an advertiser has become the victim of a rogue online marketing company. A fraudster tells an advertiser that an advertisement has been placed, when this is not the case. SEO specialists with a bad conscience can use different programs to trick unwitting advertisers.

Manipulation of results

There is so much online competition that it is actually necessary to bring your own website to the attention of potential customers. Billions are spent annually on customer acquisition. SEO contributes to this, advertising can also be done via social media channels. To achieve the best possible result, companies that are specialized in SEO are often used. With the help of statistics and reports, the results achieved are shown to a customer. When acquisition fraud is committed, it means that these results have been manipulated. It may therefore be that the results noted a higher number of impressions, interactions or references than actually took place.

Preventing acquisition fraud

With the help of a few tips, we hope that we can prevent you from working with a rogue online marketing provider. It is very difficult to find out what intentions a company has. This is because these types of practices are often carried out by specialist impostors.

First, it can be useful to obtain information in advance about how these fraudsters operate. What strategies are commonly used? This is how you can act as soon as something suspicious happens. You can also choose to perform a test yourself or have it done by a third party. This can lead to more costs the first time, but this way you can be sure that a company is acting appropriately. Before you enter into a partnership with an online marketing company, you can request a list of customers. Check with these customers whether there really is a collaboration. A final tip is to look closely at the claimed results achieved by the external company. Do these results also correspond to the number of conversions you have achieved website?