A company will of course have to acquire enough customers to become successful. We also call this acquisition. You will have to interest people to ensure that someone makes a purchase or wins an assignment. This is part of entrepreneurship, so you can ensure that a company becomes successful. Of course it is also important that the achieved position is maintained. Over the years, many different strategies have been developed in the online marketing sector to ensure that you can reach your target audience.

A company can only exist if there are enough customers who purchase a product or service. With the help of the internet, acquiring customers can be approached in various ways. This is not only about the result, the acquisition itself, but also about the steps that lead to an acquisition.

Help with an acquisition report

With the help of Google Analytics it is easy to gain insight into the data of a website . An acquisition report is drawn up as standard, so this saves you a lot of time. This report consists of 10 categories:

  • Overview
  • Channels
  • All traffic
  • Referrals
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Cost analysis
  • Ads
  • Social
  • Searchmachine optimalisation

Optimize using the ABC Cycle

In order to achieve the best possible result, the process of making acquisitions will have to be optimized. By looking at the Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion Cycle you can find out how visitors end up on your page and what they do exactly. You can also find out whether the visit resulted in a purchase, an incoming order or a registration for a newsletter. This way you can analyze which aspects can be improved.

The difference between cold acquisitions and warm acquisitions

When we talk about a cold acquisition, it means that an acquisition has been made by a new customer. This while warm acquisitions are being made by existing customers. The goal is to ensure that as many warm acquisitions as possible are made. It is often the case that acquiring new customers takes more energy than retaining existing customers. Existing customers can be retained by offering better products and services, we also call this upselling. Convincing new customers is more difficult, but investments will also have to be made in order to ensure the future of a company.