There are several ways in which a brand can increase awareness. For example, you can choose to invest in active brand awareness. This means that you attract the attention of potential customers through various channels. This can be in the form of regular messages or, for example, advertisements. Although passive brand awareness is the opposite form of active brand awareness, in many cases they connect.

Building a dedicated customer base is not easy. It is therefore crucial for almost all companies to approach potential customers themselves. By placing advertisements and ensuring active media channels you can reach customers. We call active brand awareness spending time and energy on this process.

Passive brand awareness

Choosing to passively generate brand awareness does not mean that you are doing nothing at all. To ensure that potential customers end up on your website, you will still have to ensure that the findability of a website is optimal. In addition, the entire website must be structured as optimally as possible in order to achieve a conversion.

The combination of passive brand awareness and active brand awareness works best for many companies. In the start-up phase of a company, it can be wise to focus on an active attitude. This way you can create a brand exactly the way you want it. The image of a brand can be built and strengthened by applying a mix of strategies. This way you can advertise paid on social media channels and ensure a strong SEO strategy through link building.

Negativity vs Positivity

You want to ensure that your brand is received as well as possible by the public. Still, it has worked for multiple brands in the past to engage in negative marketing. Setting up a controversial campaign can also create brand awareness. If you also want to apply this in your company, be careful. If negative marketing is not done properly, it can also cause enormous damage and that is of course not the intention.

On the other hand, it is also possible to set up a strategy that focuses on positivity as much as possible. This can be done by hiding negative messages as much as possible by promoting positive messages.