When you set up a campaign, it is of course important that it is distributed strategically, you can ensure this by means of an ad auction. Ads are ranked based on a value that depends on the placement of an ad. This placement has a major impact on the success of an ad. By bidding in an ad auction an optimal position can be obtained.

Advertising auction

How does an ad auction work

During a participation in a ad auction not only the amount of a bid is considered, but also the quality score of an ad. It is important that the quality of an advertisement meets specific requirements. This guarantees a good user experience, it is of course important that the AdSense advertisements meet the wishes of a visitor.

Based on these two factors, a certain position in the ranking is achieved.

Participate in an auction

There are a few things that are important to know if you want to participate in an ad auction. It’s on Google to decide whether an ad is suitable for a particular website. This decision is made on the basis of two aspects. The first aspect is ad targeting, which is about the strategic placement of an ad on a particular website.

There are three parties that have an interest in a good strategic placement, Google, the website on which an ad is placed, and the advertiser. In addition, the format of an advertisement is also important. It is possible that the content of an advertisement, for example the text, images or contextual choices, do not match a website. It is therefore not the case that the highest bid wins the auction and that the ad is then placed, this is much more nuanced.

Quality of a location

The quality of the Location of an advertisement has a major influence on an auction. A good quality placement will ensure that prices increase rapidly. The quality of a location is based on several aspects, for example the amount of clicks from previous campaigns on similar web pages. In addition, the relevance of the other advertisements of the publicist is important, not to mention the keywords of a page.