Investing in Search Engine Advertising can certainly help. To get even more out of a SEA strategy, you can choose to use ad extensions. These extensions ensure that you can provide more information about your product, service or website in a search engine ad. With this extra information, potential customers can get a better idea of what is being offered, which can lead to more clicks.

The extensions ensure that a potential customer is better informed. This can be in relation to the location of a company, but also relevant links or an informative text can be added. An extension can also be used with a telephone button, so that a customer can easily contact the advertiser. Not only is this extra information useful for an online visitor, search engines also pay attention to this information.

Ad extensions and Google

It is not the case that when you place an ad you should immediately add all possible extensions. The relevance of an extension is also important. For example, providing a location for a webshop is not important. When you choose to place an ad through Google Ads, the most relevant extensions are immediately recommended with regard to the search query you want linking to an advertisement. There are also extensions that can be added at a later stage. This is only possible when an ad scores well in the Ad Rank, this has to do with a certain value of an ad.

When is a extension applicable?

To get a better idea of the extensions that can be applied, we have listed a few examples.

  • Location: Applicable for companies with a physical location.
  • Calling: Applicable for companies where it is important to schedule appointments, conclude contracts or answer questions.
  • Links: Applicable for providing information regarding opening hours or orders.
  • Service: Applicable when additional information must be provided about delivery or a helpline.

Cost per click (CPC)

When you put an ad online via Google Ads, you will not be charged extra if ad extensions are used. However, the costs can be very high, this is because the costs are calculated per click. This means that when someone uses the phone button, they will be charged. This is not the case when a visitor simply enters the number. It is difficult to estimate the cost of an ad extension.