As a company, you may want to offer different products and services through search engine advertisements. When this is the case, ad groups can be created. This means that multiple ads will be placed in a group when the ads target shared keywords. You can choose to create multiple ad groups for a campaign.

How do you create ad groups?

Before you get involved in creating ad groups, it’s important to set up a strong campaign. When the number of advertisements and their content have also been carefully considered, groups can be created. The ads can be grouped based on a topic or theme. We often see that the groups are based on product categories or different services of a company. When the group of advertisements has been determined, the keywords can be determined. The ads will then be linked to the common keywords.

Example of a campaign ad group

But how exactly do ad groups work? An online clothing store offers several product groups namely; accessories, underwear and clothing. When searching for the keyword ‘belt’, an ad from the group ‘accessories’ is displayed, for a keyword such as’ pants’, an ad is selected from the group’ clothing ‘and for a keyword such as’ BH ‘an advertisement from the group’ underwear ‘appears. This is just a simple example, often complex structures are used to maintain an overview.

Hierarchy of a campaign

When you want to make an adjustment in a campaign, it is important to be aware of the hierarchy of all elements. The overall campaign is of course the guiding thread. The campaign consists of ad groups, which are then divided into individual ads. Then come the bids and keywords. When changes are made, they can affect multiple elements. For example, if a campaign is put on inactive, this also affects the ad groups and all other elements that follow.

Campaign structure

It is very important to ensure a good structure for a campaign. Splitting ads into ad groups provides a better overview. You can compare the groups with the product categories of online stores. The structure makes it easier to adapt and maintain the ad groups.