When you develop an ad, it is important to choose a specific target group that you want to appeal to. The second step is of course to ensure that this ad or campaign actually reaches the chosen target group. You can do this with the help of an advertising network. This network, in the form of an organization, can help you to distribute your advertisement to an intended target group, even when this advertisement is aimed at a certain medium. Targeted advertising is not only possible via online media, there are also tricks for this in the traditional media.

The purpose of advertising

For an advertiser, the goal is to appeal to a targeted audience by means of an advertisement. Simply put, a hairdresser in Groningen will not place advertisements in the Amsterdam region. If you want to be in control, you can of course choose to spend time on the most suitable publication options for your campaign. Another option is to outsource this work. An advertising network ensures that an advertiser and publicist are linked to each other on the basis of certain criteria if the information that both parties have provided matches each other. By comparing publicists and advertisers, these ad networks can ensure that an advertisement in the form of a video, photo, text, image or banner reaches the intended target group through the correct channels.

Targeted advertising

Target audiences

Before posting an ad, it is important to think about the purpose of the ad. Do you want more reach for your page? Or do you want to ensure more conversions? If the goal is clear, you can create a plan that fits your goal. Based on this information, you can determine which data is important, is it the amount of impressions, the number of clicks or conversions? This way you can develop a targeted advertising strategy. In addition, you can easily maintain your budget in this way.

Google Ads

Advertising network

One of the best known advertising networks is Google Ads . With the help of Google Ads you can ensure that campaigns or individual ads are linked to a search query t. If you only want to advertise in a specific region, this is also possible, as it is possible to set a specific geographic location. The entire advertising network can be seen as a large auction, because it works with a bidding system. As an advertiser, you can determine the budget you want to spend yourself. As the popularity of Google Ads is increasing, new advertising opportunities are constantly being developed. Nowadays you can advertise with a direct link to a product page, you can also choose to advertise via Google Maps.