Facebook has billions of active users, so it has become a widely used advertising platform. When you want to advertise, you can create an ad set that meets your requirements. This way you can ensure that the right target group is addressed. You can set a set per ad or ad group, so that an overall campaign can appeal to different target groups at the same time.

A ad set consists of several parts. For example, you can specify the geographic location of your target group, the age of your intended target group and the gender. This way you can easily advertise targeted. Another advantage is that you can work with a budget. Based on a budget determined by you, the possible duration of an advertisement is displayed, so you can find out whether you need a higher budget for a longer duration or whether the budget is sufficient.

If you want to advertise via Facebook, three points are important:

  • The campaign: The goal of
Ad set
  • na advertisement / advertisements
  • The ad: The content of an ad in the form of a video, text or image.
  • The ad set: The target audience you want to address, the budget and the duration of a campaign.

Create an ad set in five easy steps

  1. Determine the target group you want to address
  2. Determine the budget for the campaign
  3. Determine when an ad will be shown and over what period
  4. Create an ad that fits the chosen target group
  5. You can choose to set a bid, this can contribute to an advertising strategy.

Edit an ad set

Ad set

The great thing about this form of advertising is that a strategy can be adjusted at any time. This way you can develop a better strategy with the help of previous data. These adjustments can be made immediately, but it is also possible to save them for a later moment.