Products and services can be advertised in many different ways. In addition to the standard commercial ads are often there too advertorials deployed. Advertorials are simply advertisements in the form of a editorial article . These articles can be distributed through traditional media and new media.

The word advertorial consists of a combination of the words’ advertisement ‘and’ editorial ‘. The term has been used for more than half a century. The combination of an editorial with an advertisement immediately proved to be a good tactic to support a marketing campaign.


Advertorials in Traditional Media

In everyday life, you probably come across a lot more sponsored posts than you think. For example, advertorials are placed in many door-to-door magazines. This can be, for example, about products or services that can solve a medical problem. The sponsored message is then often placed in the form of an objective article with an informative purpose. In such an article, a product or service is advertised as a perfect solution to a problem. In these magazines it is mentioned that it is an advertisement or a sponsored message, yet this is often overlooked by the reader. There are even more forms of these sponsored posts, namely;

  • Images, through positivity a brand, product or service is put in the spotlight
  • Opinions, pieces written to influence an existing discussion
  • Journalistic pieces, pieces that are objectively written but financed by a company, aimed at a particular interest

Advertorials in online media

There are tons of web pages and blogs on which these messages can be placed. Online, however, it is much more difficult to recognize this form of advertising because it is not always indicated. Advertorials are often used in the form of objective articles to market products or services. The information provided in an advertorial is then tailored to the wishes of visitors to a page, so that this leads to a purchase. When an advertorial is placed with a reputable company as a writer, the impression is given that it is an objective message, while this is often not the case. This blurs the boundaries between advertisements and editorial articles.