Positive feedback from customers is of course great for any company, this says a lot about the satisfaction of a customer. Especially when a customer expresses himself in a positive way about a brand, product or service, this can work to the advantage of a company.

We also call this advocacy in the marketing industry. Advocacy is especially popular online. In this way, the credibility of a company, creating more confidence among potential customers.

Online advocacy

The word advocacy might remind you of the word lawyer. A lawyer ensures that the interests of a client are represented. Advocates do this too, but with regard to a brand, product or service. Online customers can access their share positive experiences as through;

  • Reviews , independent review websites such as Trustpilot and Tripadvisor
  • Comments , on a company’s social media channels
  • Testimonials , short positive summaries of a customer’s experience with the company, which are posted on the company’s website
  • Influencer marketing, through the media channels of popular influencers, positive experiences are shared across a wide range

Advocacy is especially important online. This is because it is more difficult to gain consumer confidence. After all, there is no shop where people can walk in to view the products or to obtain more information about purchasing a service. That is why positive feedback from existing customers can give that extra push to persuade new customers. In addition, the amount of positive reporting from existing customers is also important for the new customer.

Want to know more about Advocacy Xiomara Torres gave a nice TedTalk about this? Check out the video below, or take Contact us!