When you visit a website you will regularly come across a request for sharing cookies. With the help of these cookies, a lot of data can be collected from a visitor.

This is also the case with affiliate cookies. These types of cookies are stored in the browser in the form of a specific code. By means of this code it can be discovered through which channel a visitor has come into contact with a product or service. Switch advertisers affiliates in order to reach the intended target audience. With the help of the cookies, it can be clearly registered which link has led to a conversion.

Affiliate cookies in practice

Affiliate cookie

When searching online for the best way to prune a hedge, a visitor will end up on a page about gardening. On this website a number of links have been placed of a number of hedge trimmers that can be found on the Amazon website. The visitor does some research and looks at the hedge trimmers on offer. When this

The person returns to the website of the next day Amazon visits and buys a hedge trimmer, the owner of the web page receives a commission. It does not matter whether this specific hedge trimmer was offered on the web page or not.

In addition, the purchase of relevant products can also lead to a commission. Even when a visitor purchases these products much later, or only purchases relevant products, the owner of the web page can count on a merit. This is an example of how Amazon works with affiliate cookies. There are several types of affiliate tracking cookies, they do not all work the same.

Passive earnings model

If the sharing of cookies is accepted by a visitor, this leads to a transfer of information. For example, it is shared which institutions a visitor prefers. An affiliate cookie, on the other hand, is mainly aimed at the realization of a purchase. Because most visitors do not make impulsive purchases, these cookies can also be used to register in the long term whether a link has nevertheless led to a conversion. This period depends on the agreement between the provider and the operator of the web page, it can vary from a few days to longer than a month.

Passive earnings model

In this way, web managers can earn money passively just like investing, also in the longer term. A commission can only be earned when a visitor accepts that the cookies are placed. Many platforms use affiliate cookies. There are also affiliate programs that you can participate in.

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