An affiliate marketing program can be used to match the demand for a product or service and the relevant offer. When a person visits a website and clicks on an external link, this visitor will end up on a web page of a third party.

If this action leads to the purchase of a product or service, the website administrator will receive a commission. An affiliate network acts as an intermediary for the mediation between a website manager and a provider.

Often the transactions are managed by this network so that it is displayed transparently on both sides. Affiliate marketing is a good way for many companies to advertise without spending unnecessary money on complete campaigns, because payment only needs to be made when an actual transaction has taken place or a conversion has been carried out. There are several parties that have an interest in affiliate marketing;

  • The provider of products or services
  • The affiliate network
  • The owner of a website, also known as a publicist
  • The potential customer

It is not always the case that an affiliate network is involved. Especially when it comes to larger web shops, this party often drops out because its own network has been created.

Dutch affiliate programs

There are also several web shops in the Netherlands that have their own affiliate program. Web shops like and Coolblue have developed their own program and do not need to engage a third party for this. There are also several large affiliate programs in the Netherlands such as Awin or Trade tracker . There are big differences between the offerings of each program. Before you start with an affiliate program, it is therefore important to do some research in advance.

Affiliate Marketing

Advantages of Affiliate Programs

Using an affiliate program benefits all parties. For example, website administrators can earn a little extra with the help of these programs. This is cleverly anticipated, because entire websites are also set up with the aim of generating income with the help of affiliate programs. In addition, affiliate programs also have advantages for providers. After all, companies will only have to pay a commission if a transaction actually takes place. In this way, these entrepreneurs do not lose money and can advertise on a ‘no cure no pay’ basis.