An affiliate network ensures that providers and relevant websites are linked to each other. In this way, providers can sell their products or services through a third party, an additional sales channel. It is of course important to know which link led to a transaction, this is done by placing specific codes in the URL.

Is an affiliate network a mediator?

Affiliate networks can actually be seen as an intermediary. A network ensures that relevant website administrators and providers are linked to each other. If a match is found, a website administrator will post an affiliate link from the provider. When a visitor purchases a product via this link, the website manager will be rewarded with a commission. When the mediation of an affiliate network has led to a collaboration, this network will most likely also keep track of the transactions. In this way, both parties are assured of a transparent and correct registration. Several large web shops have developed a program that keeps track of transactions, so an affiliate network is not necessary here.

Affiliate network

Dutch networks

There are several large affiliate networks in the Netherlands. It is usually the case that a network focuses on a particular industry. This is how the network focuses Daisycon mainly focus on fashion and telecom. Another network is Trade tracker , this network mainly focuses on the theme of travel and shopping.

Big differences between networks

It is not the case that all networks function the same. There are many differences between the networks, before joining a network it is wise to do some research. In addition to the offer, the amount of commission also differs per network. Also pay attention to when and how often commissions are paid. This way you avoid joining a network that does not meet your needs as a website administrator.

Search for the source

You would think that when visitors click on an affiliate link, they view the product page and this then leads to a purchase. Yet this process is very different in practice. Often other websites are visited before a purchase, or a Google search is done just to be sure. This would mean that website administrators are partly responsible for the transaction, but cannot earn anything from it due to these circumstances. Fortunately, something has been devised for this, namely tracking cookies. With the help of these cookies, it can also be traced back after a longer period of time which link resulted in a transaction. It may even be that a commission can also be received when other products are purchased than the products that were initially linked.