The AIDA model reflects the specific steps that a buyer takes to purchase a product or service. The model is widely used in the marketing industry. If targeted choices are made during advertising based on this model, this can lead to more earnings.

Models in marketing

In the marketing industry, there are many models that are used in advertising to encourage more purchases. It AIDA model is one of them. This model focuses mainly on the choices made on the basis of cognitive and affective components. The thinking and feeling of a consumer therefore plays a major role in this model.

  • Attention: The potential customer gets to know a product or brand through advertisements
  • Interest: The potential customer becomes interested in the product or brand
  • Desire: The potential customer gains a positive association with the product or brand
  • Action: The potential customer makes a purchase or takes any other desired action

The AIDA model has a chronological order. All steps can be divided into two categories, stimulation and response. A renewed variant of the AIDA model has an extra step, namely, Awareness , also called awareness.

AIDA Model

Sales funnel

The AIDA model is actually based on the principle of a sales funnel, also known as a sales funnel. A group of target customers ends up in the funnel, with every step that is taken, this group becomes smaller and smaller. A disadvantage of this model is that it does not include all aspects that are important in driving a purchase among potential customers. For example, no attention is paid to it customer service .