Algorithms can no longer be ignored in our society. An algorithm is simply a sequence of instructions so that a certain goal can be achieved.

Especially when it comes to technology, algorithms are widely used. It is also a well-known term in the online marketing industry. Algorithms have a lot of influence on the search results of a search engine.

Online marketing and algorithms

When a search is entered in a search engine the best result will be filtered out of hundreds, maybe even thousands of relevant websites. But what exactly is the ‘best’ website?

A search engine mainly focuses on the relevance from a website. Specifications are drawn up with the help of an algorithm that a website must meet. Based on this measure, all websites are assessed by an algorithm, in order to place the most relevant page at the top of the search list.


Keywords are an important component. It is important that the keywords used on a website match the keywords determined by means of the algorithm. Algorithms are difficult to understand because they are so complex and they are constantly changing.

Although there are several search engines available, Google is really the most used. That is why when it comes to SEO, the algorithm of Google is mainly looked at.

Google vs other search engines

There are several reasons why Google has been able to distinguish itself from other search engines. The Page Rank developed by Google has probably had the greatest impact. With the help of the Page Rank, many more relevant web pages could be retrieved at the time, in contrast to the limited results of other emerging search engines such as DuckDuckGo

There are a huge number of components that are screened to determine the value of a page, it is estimated that it concerns more than a hundred components.

Algorithm changes

You would say that in SEO it is a matter of adapting the components of a website to Google’s algorithm. Still, this is not that easy. Not only are the components of the algorithm adjusted regularly, the optimization can also have a negative effect on a ranking.

Manipulation of Google’s algorithm is immediately penalized. Even if this is only a suspicion of a search engine, this will almost immediately lead to a decrease in value of a website . So it can be very difficult to apply SEO correctly.

Artificial intelligence

The algorithm of Google is being improved with the help of artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence ensures that the algorithm can no longer be kept up to date. The machine learning systems have an increasing influence on Google’s rankings.