There are several tools that can contribute to an online marketing strategy. Accelerated Mobile Pages, also called AMP, is one of them. The open source project was developed by Google and can be used to optimize the content of a website. In addition, it can be used to perfect advertisements. That’s the great thing about this tool, it can be used by website developers with regard to various services. The program can be linked to both search engines and social media.

Fast indexation by AMP

It has been possible to use the program since 2015. It was developed by Google together with the European News Initiative. There are also many others who participate in the development of this open source tool, companies such as LinkedIn, WordPress and Twitter. Simply put, AMP makes all types of web pages easier to index. These pages are also added to the Google AMP cache. The pages are optimized, this ensures that they load much faster than the normal versions of a web page. The only drawback is that it is quite easy to obtain personal information from visitors via AMP, this can be abused.

Exceptions like Facebook and Apple

There are many third parties that are part of AMP, but there are also exceptions. Facebook and Apple both have separate versions of AMP, these versions have also been available since 2015. Unlike AMP, Facebook works with Facebook Instant Articles and Apple with Apple News, both systems are not available to everyone, unlike AMP.

More income through AMP

So it is true that AMP can be found faster for visitors. Yet it may be that the conversion is not optimal, this is often higher with the standard version of a page. To overcome this problem, a new aspect has been developed, AMP Ads. With the help of this feature, it is easier to advertise on these types of pages, while maintaining a faster loading time and increased findability.