When you read an article on a website, there is a good chance that you will come across an anchor text. But what is one anchor text well actually?

How do you place anchor texts?

An anchor text is a link placed in a text that points to a page on the same website or to a third party website. Anchor links are often used to direct visitors to additional relevant information. The use of anchor links also has some influence on the findability of a page.

An anchor text is therefore often added to a text in order to provide extra information about a particular topic. An anchor is often the blue colored part of a sentence. This means that the colored part can be clicked. Often it is indicated in the same sentence where the link leads.

At the same time, it is very important that the readability of a web page is preserved. That is why it is often chosen not to place the entire URL, but a part of it. An anchor can consist of up to sixty characters. Is it not yet clear what an anchor refers to? Then you can place the cursor over the blue colored part of a sentence, the URL of the link will appear.

Anchor text

Functionality of anchor texts

There are several reasons why anchor texts are important. For example, anchor texts can be used as a signpost on a website. This provides a clear overview for visitors. In addition, relevant information can be immediately shared, whether on the same website or on an external website. Lots of online stores and blogs make avid use of anchor links.

Anchor texts and SEO

The influence of anchor texts on SEO has fallen sharply in recent decades. In 2012, Google announced that internal and external links would no longer affect Google’s rankings. Nevertheless, we recommend that you still use anchor texts. Anchors do have an indirect influence on SEO. Anchors provide more clarity on a website, this improves the experience of a visitor. In addition, it is still believed by many that anchors influence the authority of a page.