Acquiring customers can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are many methods that can help you with this. One of these methods is the ATR method. This abbreviation stands for Awareness, Trial and Repeat. These three terms describe the process taken by a customer. This process starts from the promotion of a product or service to its purchase.


The 3 steps of the ATR method

We will discuss the three steps with you:

  1. Awareness: A potential customer comes into contact with a product or shift. The person learns more about one or more characteristics about a product or service.
  2. Trial: A potential customer tests whether a product or service has aroused enough interest to lead to a purchase. This test phase is based on the knowledge gained in the first step, awareness.
  3. Repeat: The potential customer has successfully completed the test phase and is still satisfied with a purchase. This can lead to another purchase.

This one three phases show the steps a customer takes, from the first contact with a customer to making a purchase, perhaps even a repeat purchase. This is the generalized model. Each step can be divided into different aspects. This method is often used during the development of a marketing strategy.

atr method

Quality takes precedence over quantity

The ATR method can only be used when a service or product meets the wishes of an intended target group. To find out whether a product or service meets the wishes of a potential customer, it is possible to offer a specific trial period.

This is mainly used when it comes to providing online services. You have probably seen a banner from a music streaming service. This banner offers a trial period in which a customer can enjoy a service for free for a limited time. This way, a customer can find out whether a service offers a solution.

The purpose of this trial period is for customers to extend their subscription to their satisfaction, transforming them into paying customers.