The term attract is commonly used when we talk about the power of a company to acquire potential customers, this applies to both online and offline sales. The goal is of course to generate as much interest as possible from the public and thus encourage people to buy a product or use a service. If a customer is very interested, this will of course lead to a purchase more quickly. Online there are many different tactics to attract attention.

Attracting customers in practice

You can market your own product or service in various ways. You can still have such a good product, but often a well thought-out strategy is needed to attract enough buyers. The approach will of course depend on the manner of advertising, are you setting up an online marketing strategy? Or are you going to focus on traditional marketing methods. If you choose online marketing, we recommend that you invest in optimizing your position within the well-known search engines. We see that many potential customers are attracted in this way.

Ways to Increase Success

We will now discuss with you some methods that we know do have a major impact on potential customers. This way you can get started right away.


SEO also stands for Search Engine Optimization. With this method you choose to invest in the online findability of a website. If it is easier for customers to find a particular website, then there is also a greater chance that it will attract more traffic. More traffic can mean an increase in the number of customers.


You can also use backlinking. For example, you could approach a large website with many visitors and ask them to place a link from your site. This way you can ensure that you attract more visitors. Make sure that there is also something in it for the external party.


Visitors can be regularly informed by means of mailings. This is great for the visitor, because it makes offers and additional information known. You could even choose to set up a monthly or even weekly newsletter. Keep in mind the rules that have been drawn up for this. You can no longer send unsolicited e-mails according to the law.

Social media

The last method is of course about social media. The use of social media to attract customers is of course done a lot. There are many ways to acquire more customers through social media. You can of course post content regularly, but collaborations with external parties that have a lot of reach can also lead to a high appeal.

We give you another controversial tip. It can work to your advantage if you share a high-profile message. Do this in moderation and make sure it is part of a well thought-out strategy. The high-profile message can be very popular among your own target group, but negative attention can also contribute to the appeal of a page. We often see that companies make certain mistakes, which turned out to be planned afterwards in order to increase the attention. Again, be careful with this!