There are many recent innovative developments in online marketing that can make a big difference to a marketing campaign. One of these developments is Augmented reality and it even blurs the boundaries between reality and the virtual world.

The modified reality

A ‘ adapted reality ‘can be created by placing digital images over an environment. With the help of a camera of a mobile device, the environment can be visualized live, in which case a virtual image is placed over it. Augmented reality is widely used in various industries. We mainly see that it is used for online games and of course in marketing.

Three types of AR

Simply put, the real world can be adapted with the help of augmented reality. An extra layer ensures that real-time images recorded with the aid of a camera can contain projections with virtual images. There are several ways in which augmented reality can be applied:

  • A static layer, a virtual image that is displayed in reality. This is something that is widely used in the media, for example a television program in which images are projected next to a presenter.
  • A dynamic layer, a virtual image that is added as an extra layer to real-time images of reality.
  • Mixed reality, virtual images that, among other things, can adapt to the shape and depth of reality. It is as if reality and virtual images merge.

Augmented reality is also widely used in online marketing. AR can provide a completely different experience among users when visiting a website. There are several ways in which this is possible. For example, there are already shops that have made a function available where customers can try on virtual clothing via an AR app. The focus is therefore mainly on offering an interactive experience.

Augmented reality vs. Virtual reality

There are major differences between augmented reality and virtual reality. It is therefore important to be able to distinguish these from each other. In augmented reality, an actual environment is adjusted. This is because virtual images are projected in the real world.

Where augmented reality only makes adjustments, virtual reality creates a completely different world. With the help of a headset, the illusion is created that a person is completely different Location located. Yet there are also similarities between AR and VR, this has mainly to do with the tracking technology that is used. Yet the application of this tracking technology is quite different.

AR is best used on mobile devices. There are several AR apps that can be used, the AR Kit from Apple or the AR Core app from Android are popular options. Augmented reality is already part of many existing apps, such as Facebook and Instagram.