There are several aspects to consider when it comes to the quality and functionality of a website, the average page depth is one of these aspects. This term stands for the average of the amount of pages that a user scrolls through during a visit to a website. An average page depth also shows the path that a visitor takes on a website, a lot of information can be derived from this. You can also see how long a visitor’s attention is drawn during a session.

When a user visits a lot of pages within a website and spends a lot of time on the pages, this is often a good sign. This may mean that the visitor is interested in the information that is offered, but this is not always the case.

A high average page depth does not mean quality

It is important to carefully consider the cause of a high average page depth. It may be that the information offered is interesting for a visitor and that therefore many pages are visited and a lot of time is spent on a website. Still, a high average page depth is not always positive.

Another explanation for a high average page depth is that information is difficult to find on a website. This is of course not desirable, if this is the case, adjustments will have to be made in the structure of a website. This way the experience of a visitor can be improved. It is therefore not the case that a high average page depth equals good quality.

The duration of a session

When we talk about a session in marketing, we mean the total time a visitor spends on a website. So no distinction is made between the pages. The session therefore ends when the window is closed. There are several designations that are used for a session, so the terms’ sessions ‘and’ visits’ are common.

Average page depth analysis

So there is a lot of information available about it visitors when it comes to average page depth. There are several tools that can analyze this information and display it in a report. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for this, but there are of course many more paid and unpaid tools that can also display this.