There are two types of customers that a company can target. For example, there are companies that focus on B2B sales. This means that one company offers a product or service to another company, also known as a business sale. A company focused on B2C sales sells directly to the consumer.

In this article we are going to tell you more about ‘Business to Consumer’ sales. The popularity of online shopping is skyrocketing, making it easy for companies to address potential customers directly.

Shops are in dire straits

B2C sales are one of the most common types of sales. The service or product is immediately sold to an end consumer. When you buy a cake in a bakery and eat it, we speak of a B2C sale.

Online shopping has ensured that companies can easily come into contact with their customers. Customers like convenience and often prefer shopping from home. A virtual store can also be visited at any time of the day. Customers therefore like to use online stores.

The downside is that physical stores, especially those without a website, lose a lot of customers as a result. Owing to the amount of emerging online stores, entrepreneurs with physical stores are having a hard time. So heavy that the choice is often made to open an online store. There are various options for entrepreneurs who focus on both markets.

In this way, both markets can be combined, such as collecting an online order in a physical store. This tactic can ensure that when a customer walks into a store, some extra products are bought. Another option is that both markets are approached in a different way.

Reducing the risks

For budding entrepreneurs, it is quite easy to open an online store. This often requires less work, money and time and involves less risk than opening a physical store. There are several ways that can further reduce the risk for an entrepreneur in terms of purchasing the products that will be sold.

  • Buying stock, this is the traditional way of purchasing. This method is seen as very risky.
  • Buying when something is ordered. When this tactic is chosen, there is a good chance that the products will have a longer delivery time.
  • Purchase through affiliate marketing. The store does not purchase any products itself. The risk is low because the store is only an intermediary.

When an online store that focuses on B2C sales purchases products itself, there are many rules that must be observed. Not only does all responsibility for payment, delivery and warranty lie with the store. There are also many other legal restrictions that an online store must comply with.

Contact with customers

When you want to set up an online store, there are many things that need to be taken into account. So is to develop a cast iron strategy of enormous importance. This is the basis for all the steps you will take. The goal is of course to acquire as many customers as possible. The input from customers will therefore help you to improve a website, customer contact is key. Social media is therefore a perfect tool to use as a B2C company.