Banners are of enormous importance in the online marketing industry. There are several ways in which a banner can be displayed. In addition, the placement of a banner also vary, we are also talking about a banner position.

Advertising at the A location

Not only the height of a banner position matters, it is also considered whether a banner should be placed on the left or right. In addition, a banner can be positioned over the image. Making these choices is important because this can create a dynamic or a stately dynamic.

Banner position

Make your banner stand out

When you design a banner, it is of course important that a catchy text, a nice offer or a nice animation is displayed. Nevertheless, in addition to the content, the positioning of a banner is also of great importance.

For example, banners at the top of a page will almost immediately be seen by visitors. If a banner is placed at the bottom of a page, it may not be seen by many visitors. This is a shame because the number of impressions remains the same, whether an advertisement has been seen or not. The horizontal banner position also matters.

For example, we generally choose to place a banner on the left here in the west. We are of course used to reading from left to right, so there is a good chance that a banner will stand out when it is placed on the left. During the positioning of a banner it is important to keep the readability of a web page optimal.

Strategic positioning

There are several ways that a banner can be posted, this depends on the message you want to convey. For example, a static banner can be used to maintain the overview on a page, while placing floating banners can ensure that a page has a dynamic appearance.

A floating banner is placed over a page. Especially when a banner is placed in the middle of a page, there is a greater chance that the banner will be seen by a visitor. The disadvantage is that a visitor will probably have to click on the red cross in order to view the rest of a page. Many visitors therefore do not appreciate floating banner position and this often causes irritation.

Visitors can install an Adblocker to prevent floating banners. Yet there are tricks to add a floating banner to a page, for example, no distinction can be made and a banner is still displayed. This is especially applied when it comes to a commercial ad, an advertiser wants value for money