The term benchmarking may not be unfamiliar to you, as the principle is widely used in various industries. A benchmark is chosen in order to be able to make a comparison.

You can see it as a measuring point that can be used to compare other, often future, measuring points. Benchmarks are also used in online marketing to see if there are decreases or increases with regard to different data. These insights can help to display and improve the status of a page.

Measure results through benchmarking

Choosing a benchmark actually ensures that changes can be measured. The performance and developments of a chosen element can thus be analyzed. This starting point is therefore very important because the performance of another measuring point is based on the starting point. In general, the data is often displayed in statistics in order to be able to quickly assess the changes. Also in SEO benchmarking very widely used, there are certain Key Performance Indicators, also called KPIs that show the measurement points.

Key Performance Indicators

Collecting information for one SEO strategies e is of enormous importance. Benchmarking can ensure that even more data can be generated. Based on this information, targeted choices can be made in order to achieve a specific goal. In online marketing there are a number of KPIs that we regularly encounter.

  • Keywords: Choosing a benchmark for keywords ensures that the value of a keyword can be determined.
  • Indexed pages in Google: How can the indexation in Google of the pages of a website be optimized? To find out more information is needed; which pages are already indexed? Which pages have not yet been indexed? And how can you ensure that more pages are added?
  • Backlinks: Google’s algorithm has greatly reduced the value of backlinks. Still, data related to backlinks can be very useful when it comes to SEO, as this data gives an indication of the authority of a page.

Compare using benchmarks

When benchmarks have been determined, this makes the comparison process between different measuring points more efficient. Statistics can be compiled on the basis of the generated information. When there is a decline, this often means that a number of adjustments have to be made quickly.

The entire benchmarking process is certainly not easy because a lot of precision is involved. Not only the data that is obtained is very important, also the analysis of this data must be done in the right way, so that the best results can be achieved.

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