For online users, there are a limited number of search engine options. The search engine Bing ranks third among all search engines worldwide, after Google and Baidu. Yet there are still millions of people who use this search engine every day. Bing is associated with Yahoo! Search, which ensures that when Yahoo! Search a term is searched, Bing is responsible for some of the search results.

Yahoo! Search

Microsoft set up Bing in 2009 to compete in the market. You can think of it as a second version of the previously launched search engine called live search. It was important for Microsoft to introduce new features. For example, Microsoft has a real-time display of the generated searches, in addition, relevant searches have also been introduced.

The makers of Yahoo! Search were impressed and wanted to use the same algorithm. This was the case until 2015, nowadays only some of the search results from Yahoo! Search generated by Bing’s algorithm.



When you look at the numbers, the difference in popularity of the different search engines becomes painfully clear. For example, Google is responsible for at least 75% of all searches. In second place is the search engine Baidu, its popularity is mainly based on the Chinese market. Only after that Bing and Yahoo! Search can be found in the overview. Bing is responsible for 4.5% of searches and Yahoo! Search for 2.6%.

The search results can differ greatly per search engine, in general Google also leads the way in this aspect. Still, Google has also expressed doubts about Microsoft’s intentions. For example, it has been shown several times that Microsoft has literally copied search results from Google. Google found out about this by applying a certain tactic, also known as the ‘honey jar strategy’. Google has deliberately indexed incorrect pages, which Microsoft has taken over indiscriminately.

Has market penetration helped?

In order to gain a larger market share, Microsoft has chosen to penetrate the market. Bing can therefore be found by default on all Windows operating systems. You would think this will result in a lot of new users, but this is not the case. Bing makes little use of SEO, so there are no major differences between the search results. Even though Bing ranks third among all search engines worldwide, it makes little sense to invest a lot because Google has been able to get such a large share of the market.