There are various marketing strategies that can be applied to increase the awareness of a brand among an intended target group. The tactics developed for this vary widely. A common tactic is through influence.

Nowadays, the well-known influencers can no longer be ignored in all media channels, they are also part of an influencing strategy. These types of strategies have been used for commercial purposes for centuries. Before an online marketing strategy is set up, it is very important that an influence strategy is chosen carefully.

Once you have a social media channel opens, you will be confronted with commercial posts. One influencer promotes her new jewelry, while another says she is impressed by a new muesli bar. There is often a financial compensation for these types of promotions. Not only influencers can influence the consumer. The communities that are built online and viral marketing are also part of influence strategies. With these different strategies, companies can influence a consumer, often a consumer does not realize that it is commercial marketing.


An influencer is a person who has gained a large number of followers through social media. This large reach ensures that they can have a certain influence on followers. Nowadays you no longer need to have real talent to be in the spotlight, as is the case with singers or actors. Every influencer has a different target audience. The content created and shared by these influencers appeals to a specific target group. Marketers can target targeted based on this target group. Whether the target group is young or old, or has a certain interest, there is a suitable influencer for everyone.

Blurring boundaries: friend or influencer?

Influencing strategies targeting influencers generally work well. This is due to the decreasing consumer confidence towards major brands.

We have all become increasingly skeptical about the intentions of a particular brand. Nevertheless, before we purchase something, we want to gather some experience about a particular product or service. We often turn to friends or family for advice. This is exactly why the use of influencers is so popular among marketing professionals. When a consumer follows an influencer, there is often a one-sided relationship of trust.

Social media is responsible for the blurring of borders, it’s like even the biggest influencers are friends of yours. That is why in many cases a consumer will also trust that what an influencer says is true. It is therefore no longer the case that only very expensive well thought-out advertising campaigns can persuade consumers to purchase something. An ill-considered photo of an influencer promoting a product can produce the same or better results.

The danger of influencing strategies

Influence strategies can be very useful for companies. Still, these strategies can cause unknowable damage. Consider, for example, the accusations about Russia influencing the US elections by spreading fake news. The strategies can be so devious that even people’s thinking patterns can be influenced. When these types of strategies are used by people with an evil intention, it can have very dire consequences.

Another example is Facebook , Facebook shows the following suggestions based on the content you are viewing. This way you end up in a kind of loophole in which you only see content that matches your thinking and preferences. This is of course nice because you no longer have to search for this type of content. Yet this can also cause a lot of damage because it does not give a realistic picture of what is happening in the world, because one-sided information is given.