A lot of data is needed to optimize a website as well as possible in order to achieve an intended goal. With the help of visitor statistics, the behavior of visitors can be displayed in a clear manner.

Visitor statistics as an argument

Based on this information, important decisions will have to be made with regard to the optimization of a website and the overall marketing strategy. Depending on each situation, it is very important to choose the right measuring points.

Measure visitor statistics

There are many different measuring points from which useful information can be obtained. A well-known measuring point is the number of times a post, video or a website viewed is.

Yet this information is not as revealing as many people think. The popularity of the content can perhaps be judged, but really useful information can be obtained by choosing other measuring points. By looking at various aspects related to a visitor’s behavior, the generated data can provide many insights.

It is important to carefully analyze this information in order to make better strategic choices in the future. This is often done to promote the number of conversions or to be able to influence the session duration of a visitor.

Adjustments that promote the optimization of a website

In fact, these visitor statistics ensure that a website can be set up in an optimal way in order to achieve an intended goal. It is possible to look at an individual visitor, but often marketing professionals choose to look at an average. You can choose from a huge number of measuring points, which is why it is very important that you choose the right measuring points for your intended purpose. We will discuss a few measurement points with you.

  • What is the geographic location of the visitors?
  • How did the visitors end up on your website ?
  • What is the duration of a session?
  • How many and which pages are scrolled by?
  • Has a conversion taken place?
Visitor statistics


Fortunately, there are several time-saving tools that can be used to convert data into statistics. one of these tools is Google Analytics. The program is associated with the most used search engine, so the choice is often easy. E

and another advantage is that it is free to use. Yet the focus is often not on SEO when it comes to collecting data about a visitor’s behavior, there are many different aspects that can be promoted.

Adobe analytics is also a suitable tool for this.