When we talk about the reach of something, we are talking about the amount of people who have observed a particular notification. In this case you cannot look at the amount of clicks or impressions of, for example, a advertisement . Concluding the scope of something is a difficult task because there is a human element involved. Yet this term is very often used in online marketing as a measure, because the reach can say a lot about the success of a strategy.

How is the range determined?

The reach of a marketing campaign is not easy to determine. This is because it is not possible to look at the number of views, clicks or impressions of an advertisement. You do not know whether a message has actually been transferred to a recipient. When you look at the number of visitors, this already gives a more realistic picture of the reach of an advertisement. Yet this is not accurate, this is due to, among other things, the bounce rate . The point is therefore not that a recipient encounters the message, the goal is that a recipient actually sees the message.

Range and frequency measure success

Conveying a message to the intended target audience is the goal in a marketing campaign. Another important element is the amount of exposure of a particular message to a person, we also call this the frequency. In many cases, the reach and frequency are brought together in order to assess the success of a campaign.

Generate more data based on reach


So it can be very difficult to determine the range of something. If you choose to use a banner ad for a marketing campaign, you pay for the amount of impressions. Yet this number says nothing at all about the actual reach of a banner, the question of course remains whether a person has actually seen a banner or not.

In addition to the number of visitors, the number of clicks can also give an indication of the reach. Yet this is also only an estimate, because a certain click is not directly linked to a person.

Generating information about the reach is very important to be able to set up a rock-solid marketing strategy. Based on the reach, adjustments can be made in a strategy, in addition, the reach is important to determine the conversion. Once this is clear, adjustments can also be made with regard to conversion optimization.