There are a few simple tricks that you as an entrepreneur can apply to strengthen the bond between your company and a customer. Something as simple as setting up a thank you page can already contribute to this.

What is a thank you page

A thank you page is generally displayed after a customer has taken a desired action, such as making a purchase. These types of pages are mainly used by web shops.

Of course there are also other online entrepreneurs who can use a thank you page. We do it ourselves.

This can be after signing up for a newsletter, downloading a document or after completing a questionnaire. Setting up a thank you page can have several benefits for an entrepreneur.

Parts of a thank you page

We can all appreciate a thank you from time to time. When you as a customer buy a product in a store, there is direct contact with a cashier. A friendly greeting, a nice chat or a thank you can make a world of difference when visiting a store.

A positive customer experience can ensure that a customer comes back soon. Of course, direct personal contact does not apply to a webshop, but by adding a thank you page, companies can still give a personal touch to a website.

Applications of the thank you page

A thank you page can contain several aspects, we will walk you through a few.

  • When a successful transaction has taken place, you can let the customer know.
  • You can add certain elements on a thank you page that characterize your company.
  • A friendly approach provides a personal touch.
  • You can choose to offer additional or relevant products on a thank you page
  • Adding social media channels or a bar to enter the e-mail address of friends can provide more publicity.

Measure conversions on the thank you page

Besides the fact that a thank you page can provide a more personal experience, they also have a different function. By having a separate url at the end of a conversion, you can easily measure conversions. This allows you to calculate which advertising channels be the most successful for your brand.

For example, if you advertise on children’s bicycles in Google and Facebook, you can use a thank you page to measure how many users have actually made a purchase from Google ads or Facebook . That way you can calculate how high the max CPC (Cost Per Click) can be to be able to use it.

Ad group

Making targeted choices

Before designing a thank you page, it is important to take a good look at the action a customer has taken. It is important that this is taken into account, and of course a smart entrepreneur also responds to this.

After a transaction has taken place, it may be a good idea to display a discount code on the thank you page for a discount on a subsequent purchase to encourage repeat visits. You can also choose to display other relevant products on a thank you page. If you sell a vacuum cleaner, you can offer an extra service in addition to a heartfelt thank you by providing information about the required vacuum cleaner bags.

In addition, things like having a friendly tone, adding fun animations or funny elements always work very well. So there are many different possibilities when it comes to a thank you page, think carefully about what would yield the best result for your company.

Thank you page

Need help with thank you pages?

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