You come across them daily when you are active on the internet, the well-known banners. But what are these banners actually good for? A banner is a clickable ad frame that is displayed on a page.

How are banners used?

Often an image or catchy text is displayed. When a banner is clicked, a visitor is redirected to a specific page. Banners are widely used to promote a product, service or event.


It is important that the information displayed on a banner arouses the interest of a website visitor. It is of course the intention to click on a banner in order to stimulate a sale or generate more awareness. A visitor is triggered to click on the ad with the help of a nice image, an animation or strong text.

We also often see that offers are put in the spotlight in this way. With the help of an ad server, banners can be displayed specifically to an intended target group. Simply put, an ad server collects banners, which are then linked to a profile of an internet user based on certain criteria.

The purpose of a banner

There are several goals that can be achieved by placing banners.

  • Generating fame for a particular product, service or event among an intended target group.
  • Encouraging a purchase of a product, service or ticket for an event.
  • The promotion for online applications through an app store
  • Promoting limited time offers

So there are many possibilities with regard to the use of banners.

Role of the provider and webmaster

Not only a provider benefits from a banner. The webmaster who is responsible for the website on which a banner is displayed also benefits from this. As with general advertisements, income can also be generated from the placement of banners.

For optimal functioning, it is important that the target group of a website matches the target group chosen by a provider. In principle, the provider determines where a banner is placed, based on certain criteria. The website owner can also choose to filter banners. This allows targeted advertising and benefits both parties.

Preventing Ad Blockers

It is therefore extremely important that a banner properly meets the wishes of a website visitor. This is not only to stimulate purchases in the most effective way possible, but also has another reason namely, Ad Blockers. Online users install this software to avoid seeing advertisements.

The use of this software has increased a lot in recent years. This has meant that the business model of banners has changed in a sense. Ad blockers ensure that it is unclear how many people have seen a banner. That is why nowadays it is often chosen as a provider to donate money to a website master, or a subscription is chosen.

In order to prevent even more people from installing an Ad Blocker, it is therefore very important for both parties that an advertisement matches the wishes of a visitor.