When you visit a website and are very pleased with it, there is a good chance that you will visit this page again, we also speak of a certain degree of visitor loyalty. The degree of loyalty does not say anything about the number of purchases or actions taken by a visitor. As an entrepreneur you can do various things to promote visitor loyalty.

Visitor loyalty online and offline

Of course, visitor loyalty does not only apply to websites, it is also highly appreciated in a physical store when a customer visits more often. This often means that a customer has had a positive feeling from a previous visit. This is of course something that you as a store can be proud of, in addition, the additional purchases that a customer makes are also appreciated. The loyalty among visitors to a website can be easily tracked.

This is because it is possible to look exactly at the number of times a visitor has visited a website. When this is the case, there may also be additional purchases that a visitor makes or new visitors may be attracted on the recommendation of the loyal customer.

Influencing visitor loyalty

Actually, a visitor’s loyalty is directly related to engagement. When the sense of involvement is stimulated for a particular brand or community, this can lead to repeat visits. There are several ways in which visitor loyalty can be promoted, we will discuss a few with you.

  • Send weekly or monthly newsletters that provide information on recent developments,
  • Adopt an active attitude social media .
  • Make sure that content is regularly updated.
  • Reward visitors who regularly visit a website through exclusive content or a discount voucher.
  • Make sure that the frequency of the number of visits can be tracked by means of cookies.

The importance of visitor loyalty

There are several advantages that you can enjoy as an entrepreneur when the degree of visitor loyalty is high. When a visitor visits a page visits repeatedly , this means in many cases that the website meets the wishes of a visitor. When a website is visited regularly, the chances are increasing that this will lead to a conversion. This is not only the case with web shops, but also on websites that offer information. In addition, we often see that when a visitor is involved, it can also lead to recommendations to friends and family. At that time, the customer is an ambassador of a website and helps generate awareness.

Reward loyal customers

Generating new traffic on a website is a difficult task, yet a lot of time and energy is often put into it. Our advice is to focus more on the loyal customer. These customers are already involved with a brand, so the chance that a conversion will take place is in many cases considerably higher. Rewarding the engagement can easily ensure that even more conversions take place.