Two weeks ago we published the article about it new report for Google news websites. This raised questions about the Google news results, especially among customers who are not in Google news. What is it exactly and is it good for my website? That is why in this article we explain what Google news exactly is and how you can use it!

What is Google News?

Google News

Google news is a different search branch of Google than the normal search results that everyone knows. Google collects articles from newsworthy websites which they then publish under the heading “News” on desktop, but also by default in the Google mobile app under the search bar.

The results published by Google News are not the same for every user. These are based on user information. In short, Google News suits your search behavior. If you live in the province of Utrecht, there is a good chance that you will see regional news from Utrecht daily newspapers. If you then often search for things that have to do with corona, then the chances are that you will mainly receive news about corona from a regional magazine from Utrecht and the surrounding area where you have visited the website.

Is Google news only available in the news section of Google?

No, Google actually mixes the news results with the normal results. You see this happening especially on things that are “Trending”. Think of the elections coming up in March or the curfew.

Google News

Why would you want to be in Google News?

The biggest reason to be in the news feed is branding. When your articles end up in the feed you will see that they are viewed a lot in a short time. Admittedly with high bounces, but you actually bring your site to the attention in one of the largest news sources in the Netherlands. Yet there is more that makes it interesting to get into Google news.

Credibility & Authority

from Edelman’s research shows that 63% of people trust Google News more than other news outlets such as Feedly or alltop that are less known in the Netherlands. The user therefore seems to have a lot of confidence in the Google News platform and that also strengthens the credibility of your brand.

What we know about Google is that Authority also counts in the rankings and that the news results can also help with the SEO strategy.

Rankings on the big terms

In addition to the fact that branding and credibility are already nice factors, Google News can also ensure that your website does not have the first result on large keywords, but that it is in the “front page news” which is the top result. Now we don’t see this happening very much in the Netherlands, so it could be considered a bonus.

How do I get into Google news?

Nice all those advantages, but how do you get into Google News? First of all, this is not easy and varies by site type. As with all other search results, Google is the one who decides whether your website belongs in that section and you have to have a long breath. Tracking the Google News guidelines is essential here.

The general guidelines for Google News

Content types

Google News takes place in the here and now. The articles you write should therefore be about the here and now. In short, the content must be unique and relevant, but also have an interest in the Google News network. Articles with tips, advice or vacancies therefore do not fall into this category. If you submit your articles in this way, you are less likely to end up in the Google News results.

Authority and expertise

Is your site a leading news source in the industry you are in? Then the chance on Google News is higher than that you are a newcomer. So you see that the NOS, AD and De Telegraaf are doing well in the national news. Logical, because these are originally the most read news sources.

In addition, your site must contain credibility signals. This includes a physical address, clear contact details, etc. Verifying these in Google My Business is certainly not a bad idea. Please note that this information must match the information on your site. Consistency is key at GMB.

Read more here general guidelines .

Quality guidelines

For Google, quality is one of the most important factors in the field of rankings. This also applies to the news results. You can read what Google understands by quality in the Google quality guidelines .

When you read this you will see that it is not yet easy to write an article in such a way that Google includes it in the Google News results. So don’t go for making all your news Google News. Focus on an item and see if it is qualitative in terms of content, varies opinions and provides a market-wide picture. Results from interviews with supporters and opponents of the subject can therefore also be of great help here. The article should therefore be fairly editorial and not be written on the basis of a product or service. You will therefore also be less likely to find a sponsored message in Google News.

Technical guidelines

Google uses algorithms to find the right news for the right user. That means that no one physically selects your news source. That is why technology is of great importance. So make sure that the technology of your site is in order. These are actually quite in line with the basic guidelines for technology related to SEO.

  1. URLs and anchor texts in the content are unique, relevant and the anchor text describes well what the URL refers to. A sponsored url to a casino with an anchor “read more about the curfew here” is not going to help you J
  2. The content you publish is written in HTML. PDF formats, javaScript and other content types are not properly indexed by Google.
  3. The domain on which you publish the content must be accessible to the Googlebot. A robots.txt should certainly not be on it.

Further tips for getting into Google News

In addition to the guidelines, there is more you can do to get into Google news.

News sitemap

Create a separate sitemap for Google News and have it indexed in Search Console. This way you can keep control over which articles are for Google News and which are not. In addition, submitting specific sitemaps often accelerates indexing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google News is really read a lot on mobile and tablet. That is why it is useful that your pages perform optimally on these devices. Can AMP pages very good help. These pages are optimized for mobile and tablet and perform much better than “regular” formats.

Google Publisher Center

Signing up for the Google Publisher Center is not required, but can contribute to the inclusion. Definitely worth it. Read more about it here Google Publisher Center and the benefits.


Compliance with all guidelines is a requirement to get into Google news. This involves quite a bit of work and you will have to invest in it. You have to ask yourself if you really should want this if you have a website that is not exactly news related. Think of a webshop, recipe website or something else. If you publish unique content about, for example, hiking or another industry, this may be relevant.

The approach of your website is therefore very important to reach the Google News. Is the approach correct and do you enjoy offering unique content that helps the user further? Then it is certainly worthwhile to go through all the guidelines and see what you can do to end up in the Google News Feed. Do you need help with this or do you have more questions about this? Then take Contact us!