Last year, Google already announced that in addition to follow and nofollow, new link attributes such as Sponsored or UGC (User Generated Content) can be used.

Is it necessary to use it?

The short answer is yes, it is necessary.

Why? Google has this in the guidelines for webmasters and therefore it would be mandatory. It is best to answer the question whether you really want to apply this yourself.

As long as Google does not see that the link was actually paid for, nothing will actually happen. This can have consequences in the long term. Google may find these terms increasingly important and hand out a penalty if you do not use the attributes.

In short, in the year 2021 it is certainly worthwhile to purchase your next sponsored content such as affiliate links of for example Trade tracker to provide this kind of link attributes. Below you can read when you use which tag.


If you don’t make money from the link and you just like to link to a certain product or service, you can just use a follow link.

With a follow link you indicate that you trust the website to which your link is. Google has no problem with this.

You use this tag as follows:

rel = “follow”


Link attributes


A nofollow link you can use for different situations.

  1. You don’t trust the website but you want to name it. Just wonder if you want to link to the webpage.
  2. You think it is worth linking to the page but you want to indicate that you are not making money from the link.

You use this tag in the html as follows:

rel = “nofollow”


link attributes


Sponsored link attributes are used when you get paid for the link listing. Think of one sponsored message , affiliate links or links to specific products. Google knows quite well the nuance between these types of links, so placing a sponsored tag is definitely recommended in these cases. You do this in the following way:

rel = “sponsored”


rel = “nofollow sponsored”


rel = "sponsored"


You see less User Generated Content and you actually only use it when a user of your site places an affiliate link in the comments, for example. You can use this tag as follows

You use this tag as follows:

rel = “ugc”


Rel = "ugc"

Tip: Use the noopener tag

Google would also like you to use the noopener tag. This tag is intended to make links more secure. In this way you can improve the results in Lighthouse and protect your own site against attacks from sites you link to.

Does this tag give less value?

In principle not, in fact, you indicate to Google that your link is secured. They have appreciated this in the lighthouse report since 2020. Therefore, it certainly shouldn’t have a negative impact on your link value.

That does not mean that your link is worth more to Google.

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