Google Search Console offers more insight from today for websites that use Google News.

“Today we are launching Google News performance reporting to help news publishers better understand user behavior on Google News on our Android and iOS apps, as well as on”

Where can you find this report?

The new report in Google Search console aims to give news websites more insight into their content and the users. The new report can be reached via the left sidebar under “Performance”. In addition to Search Results and Discover, Google News is now also available there.

Google News

What does the report show?

The report works the same as the other reports and shows Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Positions. You can then filter this by date, device and country.

So what makes the report different?

The report shows when and how often your articles are featured in Google’s news feed and how many of them resulted in a click. Previously it was impossible to combine this data via Search Console, which is why news websites can benefit from this.

Who is this report available to?

The report is only available for websites included in the Google News Feed. If you do not see this report in your Search Console property, this is apparently not the case.

Can I get my site in Google news?

Yes you can, Google checks whether your website is suitable for Google news. For this you must meet the Google news content policies. Do you comply with this? Then in practice it often turns out that it takes a while before you are admitted. Google’s algorithms study your site in their own way and ultimately determine what is and what is not in Google news.

Is there nothing else you can do then?

Yes, there is. Google has it Publisher Center . This tool is intended for news publishers and it is worth registering for it if you want to appear in Google’s news results.

What is Publisher Center?

The Publisher Center makes it possible to share your content directly with Google News through RSS freeds, URLs and videos. Google’s Crawler doesn’t treat your site any differently for this, but it does allow news publishers to customize the format of their news story. Below are the two biggest advantages of Publisher Center

  • Design: In the Publisher Center you can adjust your news items in terms of layout so that you can increase the CTR.
  • Generate income in the Google News app: In the Google News app you can provide your content with Ads. This also allows you to generate income from the Google News app .

Registering for this tool is therefore the first step towards Google News, but this still does not guarantee anything. Sending an RSS feed or URLs is therefore no guarantee that your articles will end up in Google News. You can try it if you comply with the News content policies.

More advice?

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