In the past, link building was mainly about quantity and not quality. Scoring as many links as possible from different websites did you well in Google, nowadays this only seems to be punished.

But which link building strategy is then justified?

In this post we show you 7 link building strategies to do this in a good way.

1. Strategic guest blogging

More and more marketers and companies are using guest blogs.

And that is certainly not without reason.

From research of Hubspot it appears that blogs provide 97% more incoming links and the number of website visitors increases by 55% and the number of indexed pages increases by 434%.

In short, guest blogging on a website that has already accomplished this certainly can’t hurt.

How do you approach this?

For your guest blog it is important that your blog is not only on the site, but that it also interacts with the visitors of the site. That’s why it’s important to deliver truly valuable content that benefits the reader. On Frankwatching you see this happening a lot, for example.

It is wise to register sites with a lot of visitors, but that is not the only thing. Note that many of those visitors must come from Google. This way you can be sure that your guest blog has a good chance of ending up in the search results.

How do you know which websites to have?

Very simple, Google the headline you have in mind and write the sites listed on top of it. Sit one here Google News website between? Then try to approach this one. Your message in the news generates a lot of traffic!

Link building strategies

In this case, you can write to, and when you want to submit a guest blog about removing nail polish. Please note that not every site accepts guest blogs. Therefore, be restrained in the request and especially try to describe the added value for them.

Strategic guest blogging takes quite some time. The result must therefore also be appropriate. If you want to score a link quickly, this is certainly not the right link building strategy. If you want to score valuable links but perhaps even better, create brand awareness, then this is the ideal way. By guest blogging you participate in an active community which can generate a lot of nice connections and leads in the long term.

2. Fix broken links on other people’s websites

Don’t have time to do extensive research on guest blogs and write super relevant content? Then the Broken link strategy might be one of the better solutions. This way you can easily broaden your network and score links on the website you want.

How does that work?

Very simple, find the pages and blogs with broken links. These links give a 404 error. Then you approach the party with the broken link to report that the link no longer works and that you also have a nice source to refer to. Since you actively approach the website and you come up with a positive solution, website owners are often willing to cooperate.

Where can you find broken links?

You don’t see broken links at a glance. Actually only if you click on it. That’s why you need tools to find broken links.

A simple tool that can help with this is “ Check My Links ”. When you are on a page, this tool indicates which links are there and which are broken.

Do you want to know about an entire site? Then you can do the best ScreamingFrog use. With this tool you can crawl any site that is in the air. Make sure that you do not take the site offline. ScreamingFrog is also a paid tool.

3. Check the backlinks of your competitors

Many sites are actively involved in link building and that makes it easier to check which websites are open for link building. In both MOZ , Ahrefs as Majestic you can easily see all parties that link to site X.

How do you find all inbound links from competitors?

This differs per tool, we explain it here in MOZ with our own site as an example.

  • Go to link explorer.
  • Enter the site and you will get the following result:
Link building strategies
  • In the left sidebar you will see under “Link Research” the heading “Linking domains”. Now you immediately see the domains that link to your site.
Link building strategies
  • Make an export of this and you have all linking domains in Excel.
  • Now you know which domains link to the competitor, so you can also approach them yourself to place a guest blog or paid link.

4. Post great content!

Publishing legendary content is good for two reasons.

  1. Your post is doing well in the search engines and getting organic traffic.
  2. When your post really adds something, it is also an interesting resource for other bloggers. So they will use your post to refer to when it comes to facts. For example, Wikipedia is one of the sources with the most incoming links worldwide. Purely because the community ensures that a lot of information can be found in almost every country and in every language.

So you can see that we have already linked to external parties a number of times in this article. To be fair, with an article like this one, of course, we hope that other bloggers will also get inspired and link to it.

How do you write great content?

The most important thing about super good content is that it connects to the visitors of your blog or target group and that it offers unique information. How do you find out?

Research your target audience or just ask!

By connecting with your target group via social media you can see very well what is found interesting and what is not. So connect with them and ask. Questions about certain topics are often quite specific. So make sure that if you want to post a super good blog, that you provide an extensive answer to a niche question that keeps several people busy. Answering the general questions often works less well. After all, there are already numerous huge parties that have already answered this.

Long tail content

In addition, long tail content is of great importance. Publish something really valuable and highlight it from all sides. In this way, Google understands that you offer inside information and your blog is at the top of the more specific search terms.

5. Post sponsored content

Sponsored Content is content that has been paid for. These often fall under the heading “ Advertorial ”,“ Advertisement ”or“ Sponsored Post ”on another website. The content that is there is editorially written but links to your website. Sponsored content is often put in an informative guise. This makes it fit on the publisher’s site and is informative for the visitor.

This form of advertising has two advantages.

  1. You obtain one or two backlink (s) from the site on which you advertise.
  2. Your message will be read by x number of people. This allows you to attract relevant visitors to your site through the link and it is a kind of “Branding”.

6. Combine Ads with link building

On many sites you can advertise through a banner. We call this online bannering . This form of advertising ensures that your banner is visible on every page or part of the website. When you do this at a site that has a “Follow” link to your website behind the banner, this also helps with your link building profile. This way you get from every page of the Publisher his site has been assigned a backlink.

In this way, your branding strategy also helps with the link building strategy.

7. Use Social Media

Since the rise of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest, the marketing landscape has changed a lot. Consumers gather information in a completely different way and Social Media plays an important role in this.

So do you have good content to share? Then share this and make sure your audience grows. It is a long-term strategy, but in the long run this form of link building will certainly help you!

Traffic from Social Media creates “Social signals” around your site, making you more interesting for search engines. Sharing articles on Social Media is definitely recommended, even if the link is nofollow .


As you can read, link building is a profession in itself. It takes quite some time and it mainly belongs to the long-term strategy. Therefore, think about whether you want to handle this yourself or whether you want to have this done by an external party. If you opt for an external party, discuss your expectations carefully because things sometimes go wrong here.

Do you want advice on this? Then let us know by Contact to record with us.