When you start optimizing the SEO strategy, you can quickly become discouraged. Often you see the terms that come from your keyword research already mega large competitors in the market.

Yet this does not mean that you have to put down the hatchet and look for another market. You will find them there too unless you have managed to find a pretty specific niche. In this article, we’ll explain what you can do to compete against the big boys in your market!

The number 1 is not always the best

Often you will see a site with more backlinks, more content and an endless history in domain history at number 1 for your desired search term. This does not always mean that you have to do exactly what your competitor does, but you also have to be smart. It is not without reason that the saying goes “If you are not strong, you have to be smart”.

You probably don’t have the ability to create as many qualitative backlinks, content & history as your competitor. That is why the approach should be slightly different. But how?

Create the right foundation

When you are going to compete against major competitors, the basis must in any case be in order. Consider the following matters.

  1. Make sure the Pagespeeds, Core Web Vitals , Internal link structure & canonical tags are okay.
  2. Do your keyword research and write high-quality texts on these topics. Not in the way the competitor does this, but how you do it.
  3. Make sure the h1, title tag and meta descriptions are optimized for Google and that your most important keywords are present in your texts.
  4. Provide your images with relevant alt tags .
  5. Make use of images, videos and unique stories. In this way, your content really adds something to the internet. Read more tips for writing here the best content.
  6. Make sure you get backlinks. You can do this by the right one link building strategy to choose.
  7. With the link building strategy, make sure that the backlinks are appropriate for your company and maintain a natural profile. Read some extra tips about the amount of backlinks .
  8. Do you write newsworthy content? Then optimize for Google News .
  9. Enlarge you crawl budget .

In short, create an SEO strategy that will make the site’s technique, content and authority stronger over time.

Find the weaknesses of your competitors

As mentioned, you should not be blind to the competitor, but you can learn from the things that your competitor does wrong. Consider, for example, the information that your competitor provides about the products they offer.

Is that information complete or can it be improved? Could it be better? Then make sure that you offer your users the information they want, perhaps not only the necessary information, but also some more context.

When you provide all your products with better content than the competition and the SEO basics are in order, you can assume that you will achieve better positions site-wide. Of course, this takes a lot of effort.

Your competitor always makes mistakes

There is no party that does everything 100% right. Even Booking.com makes mistakes. Now it is a bit more difficult to find with some, but they are always there. Do you need help looking for the competitor’s weaknesses? Then you can always contact us questions !

Black hat

Cheating competitors

Often enough, we also see competitors cheating. Think of black hat SEO techniques or providing misleading information.

Many people then wonder, why are they at the top of Google? The answer to this is quite simple. In addition to the fact that your competitor may be cheating, they are also doing things right. Google also looks in particular at what a site does well. That is why it is good to remember that your cheating competitor often doesn’t get along with cheating. Usually these techniques only work in the short term.

Since SEO is a long-term strategy, you can better focus on your own goals and chase them.

Beating the competitor

As you will notice in this article, beating the competition is not easy when it comes to positions. But in fact it works online just like it does in the real world. Make sure that the foundation is in order, do what you are good at well and above all, have a long breath.

Allow yourself the time to grow in all areas, not just SEO. So also consider setting up an SEA strategy, Branding strategy , Social Media and offline marketing methods.


In short, don’t just collect all backlinks that your competitors also have, but also growth in other areas. That way you will be able to get rid of that rusted number one from his throne one day!