There are different strategies for link building. If you want to do it yourself, the Broken Linkbuilding strategy is a pretty useful strategy. In this guide, we’ll explain from A to Z what Broken link building is, why it works so well and how to perform it efficiently.

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken Linkbuilding is a friendly way of doing things link built . You detect dead backlinks and let the owner of the website know that there is a broken link. You do not do this with all links, but only with the links for which your website is the perfect replacement. This way you solve a 404 (page not found) for the website owner and you have a relevant link richer.

Why the Broken Link Building strategy works so well

As mentioned, Broken Linkbuilding is very friendly. Most emails that website owners receive are questions or offers that are of no use to the owner. Think of an email as below:

Outreach email
Outreach mail

With Broken Linkbuilding, the offer is not as one-sided as above.

Instead of just asking or offering something that the website owner doesn’t want, you offer something that never hurts. Namely a 404 less, not only that.

But you can also send a whole list of broken links from the site. This way the owner can benefit even more!

What does such an email look like?

  1. Think of a suitable topic which is also effective. For example “You blog about[onderwerp] ”.
  2. Introduce yourself briefly and say what you like about the website. Not standard text, but something you really like. For example, the relevance of a blog or the like.
  3. Explain that you saw a link in the blog that you found relevant to a page that no longer seems to exist.
  4. Offer your link by saying something in the trend of, “If you still keep this post up to date, I have another relevant replacement for you. Namely my blog about:… ”
  5. Don’t make anything mandatory, just ask how the website owner views it and wait for a response.

How do you find the broken link?

Broken Linkbuilding works best if it actually adds something. That is why we do not actually actively look for broken links, we just pay attention during our normal search behavior. We do this by means of “ Check my Links ” .

This tool shows on every page you come to how many links there are, which ones are correct, which ones redirect and which ones are broken. See the example below.

Broken: inkbuilding

Scaling up the Broken Linkbuilding strategy

If you really want to get started with it, you can of course also scale up the process. Do you go through all these pages manually to check the broken links with the tool?

That is a very time-consuming job, while this process is already time-consuming enough. How do you do that?

Find pages with many external links. The more links a page has, the more likely there is a broken link between them.

Usually these are pages with relevant sources. You can find it by performing searches in Google in the following ways.

  • “Keyword” + inurl: sources
  • “Keyword” + intitle: links
  • “Keyword” + “interesting links”

This way you will quickly come to sites with many links on the page, where the chances of a broken link are higher.

Approach the parties linking to a broken link

Now that you have a relevant broken link, you can of course link that one party, but you can also scale up the process slightly. With Link Building Tools such as Ahrefs , MOZ, Majestic & Semrush you can easily find all parties that link to that link.

You will usually find this under “Referring Domains”. Click on it and see for each domain which content contains the dead link. In this way you can quickly find 10 to 100 parties that go to a non-existent piece of content

Broken link building on Wikipedia

In addition to the resource pages, there are also other quality sites with dead links. Wikipedia is one of them.

Fair is fair, Wikipiedia didn’t make it difficult to track it down. They say it themselves in their articles. By performing the following search, you will automatically come across broken links on your keyword on Wikipedia.

You do this by performing the following search.

site: “[zoekwoord] “intext:” dead link “


Site search

Pro tip: Use a broad keyword in this search. In this way, Google will show all articles related to the keyword. So with a keyword like “Marketing” or “Plants” you will get more results than with a specific keyword like the example above.

Now you could change this link to your site, but be aware, the link will nofollow to be. In addition, I will not try this too often. Wikipedia moderators are strict and want as little commercial value as possible on the site.

Broken link checker Ahrefs

As mentioned, you can easily find the referring domains to a broken link through link building tools. Do you want to skip the entire process with the Google searches and the “Check my Links” extension? Then Ahrefs will help you further.

You can also look for dead links in Ahrefs. You do this with the following step-by-step plan.

  1. Google for a competitor that ranks on a keyword you want to rank on.
  2. List the competitors for the keyword.
  3. Enter a competitor in Ahrefs.
  4. View “Broken links” under the tab “Outgoing links”.
  5. Now you will see all 404 errors that your competitor has. This ensures that you can find out who else links to all these broken links. This way you will soon get a list of 100 to 500 parties that you could contact with an outreach email to replace the link. Make sure you don’t go too fast lots of links obtains.


When it comes to Broken Linkbuilding, with the right effort and tools, you can collect quite a few links. The advantage is that you have complete control over what kind of sites you approach. The focus is therefore easy to place on quality. In addition, the articles have already been written, so that they have already managed to gather some authority on the internet. In fact, you get a pretty strong one because of this in-content link or Partner link .

Would you like more advice on Broken Link Building, or other strategies? Please let us know by Contact to record with us!