In our guide with link building strategies we are talking about writing super good content. Here we indicate that writing strong content contributes to the collection of Backlinks. In this guide we explain step by step how you can create content that collects backlinks. Also called Linkbait.

What is Linkbait?

Linkbait is content created to obtain backlinks. That is why it must be so unique or valuable that it is a “must” for other parties to link to. The backlinks that the piece of content then obtains are not only good for the piece of content, but also for the site as a whole.

Linkbait can be generated with super good content, so that doesn’t just have to be written text. Consider the following shapes:

  • An infographic
  • A guide / resource like these
  • Interactive content, such as a tool, quiz or the like.
  • Photos / Gifs / Videos
  • A side project (more on this later)

What do you need to score “linkbait”?


When talking about linkbait, it is important to use “Share triggers”. So, as it were, you want your readers to share the content, just like on Social Media. Not necessarily via Social Media (which is a bonus), but via their website.

What are these “Share triggers” exactly?

  1. The content supports the reader’s opinion
  2. The reader acquires a form of emotion when reading the piece of content, such as happy, angry, surprised, etc.
  3. The content is in line with issues that are currently at play in the industry / society.
  4. Your reader gains new insights from your article, in short, not too much duplicate information, but truly unique value.
  5. The piece of content has been read / shared many times. Sounds like a paradox in this case, but it’s a share trigger nonetheless.

A successful linkbait often meets two or more of these requirements. You often see that a good linkbait has in fact deserved to obtain so many backlinks. It is often an extremely detailed guide with your own photos, video formats or unique approach such as a side project. For example, think of ubersuggest by neil patel.

Whatever form of linkbait you are going to create, make sure you include the following points in creating strong content.

Provide unique value

What we see a lot in the field of SEO that unique value is often underestimated. The unique value is often tied to requirements such as the number of words, keyword dencity and so on. These are fine guidelines, but absolutely no guarantee for a piece of unique value. For example, a piece of 300 words can say more about subject A than a piece of 700 words. But just what the approach is.

Unique value

The value of a piece of content cannot necessarily be expressed in terms of standards. It is relative and differs per person and industry. In the online marketing industry, for example, the average user is quite interested in case studies and extremely in-depth content. While if we look at the “living” sector, pieces of content with a lot of ideas do well.

If you read it it also sounds logical, a user in the home industry is looking for variety to make a difference and not all the ins and outs about the fabric of a chair, where it comes from, how it is made, etc. This is possible in the online marketing industry.

Linkbait is obtained by delivering the content that is really relevant to your target audience .. that does not mean that length and depth provide the unique touch.

Create content with emotion


When we told you the best joke ever, would you remember that joke and pass it on to your friends? Probably sooner or later. It is the same with content and again the unique value. By evoking an emotion, the reader will better remember the story.

Does every article have to be funny?

Not necessarily, although a little bit of humor works wonders in most cases. In addition, you can also evoke emotions of surprise, anger, sadness or the like. Still, it is best to choose a positive emotion.

When you do this in the right way, there is a good chance that your target group will share your post via blogs and social media.

Visualize your content

It may take quite a bit of work, but supporting your content visually works. Not only is this strong SEO-wise, it also grabs the user’s attention. Therefore, make sure that you keep the following step-by-step plan in mind.

  1. Be seen: The potential backlink poster sees your content for the first time.
  2. Consuming the content: The potential backlink placer uses your content carefully.
  3. interest / enjoyment: The user finds your content interesting and enjoys reading your content as it evokes emotion and is unique.
  4. Backlinking: The user writes a piece of content themselves and thinks about your post on a related topic. Because of the humor, information and unique touch that you have given, he links to your linkbait in his new blog.

Without visualizing the content, this process gets disrupted somewhere along the way. So make sure you keep your users on the right route by posting the right signs 🙂

Why are those Visuals so important?

The internet is a place where people want to be provided with information quickly. Visualizing content helps with this. The user consumes visual content many times faster than written content.

Think of the road signs along the way. By placing a red truck on the left and a black car on the right, you understand that trucks are not allowed to overtake on the road. If the text would be “Trucks are not allowed to overtake here”, that will not work if you pass it at 100 km / h.

In short, visualizing your content ensures that long content with a lot of content can be easily consumed. This way, the chance of a link bait is higher as you have managed to keep the reader on the ball.

Make your content newsworthy

If you want links from major news sites, make sure your content is newsworthy. Below is a list of things that can contribute to this.

  • There is a conflict
  • Your message takes place locally.
  • Incitent “Something is going wrong”.
  • You publish something new.
  • The message is temporary and relevant to the situation
  • David vs. Goliath story. The small party that beats the big.
  • What you say is surprising

In short, when you match content with one of the above elements, there is a chance that a journalist will be interested.

Promote your linkbait

When you create linkbait content you can choose to


publish and wait for backlinks. Usually this is not the strategy that works and from which you will start to see results within a considerable time.

It is therefore useful to inform your target group about your linkbait content. You can do this by naming your blog in the newsletter and promoting it through your own social media channels.

These are both forms of owned media. Do you want to reach more people than your own circle? Then it is useful to pay for media.

Consider, for example sponsored posts it outsourcing of the link building , Broken links obtain or to advertise .