“The more links I get, the better.” Well, that’s probably not quite what you need.

Watching the competitor

Many companies and SEO specialists are looking at the to the left of the competitors . Quite right, we do that too. That just doesn’t mean that you have to have all those references yourself. The focus should not be on quantity, but on quality. Nowadays this has of course been known for a long time, but what is actually a qualitative link?

Measuring values

Through tools such as Ahrefs , MOZ and Majestic values are given to links. These Tools actually attempt to estimate the authority of a link in the same way that Google does.

The values are expressed in:

  • Domain Rating at Ahrefs,
  • Domain Authority & Page authority at MOZ and Trustflow &
  • CitationFlow at Majestic.

These three tools all view websites in different ways and base their value on a number of factors.

Does the site score high in all these tools? Then that is no guarantee that the website in question is really qualitative for a backlink to your site. The chance is slightly greater. For example, if the site has no visitors, it is often still not a qualitative site for Google.

So what is a qualitative site for Google?

A website with unique content, excellent visitor numbers and organic findability can be regarded as qualitative for your website. Think of a Google News site. You can easily check whether a website is getting some traffic from Google via Ahrefs. This gives a reasonably good estimate of this. For the sake of convenience, we leave our entire offer see the scores in the above tools and the estimate of ahrefs organic search.

How many links can you build in one go?

Google news links

The quality of a link therefore weighs heavily in answering the question of how many referrals you have to build per month, for example. When we talk about qualitative links, it also depends on the link structure.

Normally a link structure consists of a Pyramid shape. For example, 100 referrals from sites with a slightly lower quality, 50 referrals of medium quality and 10 referrals of top quality.

So it is advisable to do as much as possible mediocre and top quality collect links. To attach a safe number to that, I would start with 5 strong quality links per month for a starting site and build it up slowly.

Do you already have a large site with many inbound links. Then I would mainly focus on top quality links since you probably already have the rest. When you can obtain 10 to 20 backlinks of high quality and good relevance, this contributes to the long-term link building strategy anyway.

How fast can you build link?

When you go active link built it is wise to take the natural effect into account. In one day 20 blogs posting on high-quality websites while you would otherwise never do so can have a negative effect. Therefore spread this throughout the month if you are starting. We’ve seen a new brand with a new site posting 500 backlinks in the first month and then dropping in positions after that. Building up slowly and not too fast therefore seems to work better.

If your website already has a rich history of backlinks, this is often possible as long as it is natural. So below not trying to accomplish. You won’t get anywhere with this!


In fact, over time your site forms more carrying capacity for backlinks. The more you build up gradually, the more new backlinks seem natural for your site. That is why we recommend that you use the following structure for starting websites

  • Month 1: Get 5 to 10 quality links, preferably to the homepage.
  • Month 2: Scale up to 10 to 15 backlinks per month but mix it with links to the homepage and internal pages.
  • Month 3: Scale up to 20-30 backlinks per month only no longer link to the homepage and only the internal pages.
  • Month 4: Scale up to 40 to 50 backlinks per month only no longer link to the homepage and only the internal pages.
  • Month 5: Collect as many high quality links as possible focused on the internal pages.

Linking to internal pages and the homepage

In the example above, it is talked about internal pages and the homepage. There is a clear difference in this. In most cases, linking to an internal page has a much higher relevance than the homepage, namely the root domain.

On an internal page such as this one , you describe much more about a certain subject. When you post a guest blog on a relevant site and link to such an internal page, it is more relevant than the homepage which is quite general.

internal link

Then why do we recommend that the first links go to the homepage to send?

It is not that the homepage is not interesting at all. That is why it is wise to send a number of backlinks to the homepage. The sites with the better link structures have sent less than 20% of the incoming domains to the root domain.

Linking too many at once

When you create an unnatural link profile by building too many bad backlinks at once, you may end up dealing with a Penguin penalty . This only happens if the domains you collect are really of worthless quality.

If you only collect qualitative references, this will not be the case. What can happen is that you see a small dip in search traffic. Nevertheless, in most cases we see that after this dip, search traffic often increases again after 90 days.

If you don’t see this peak after 90 days, this is probably a sign that the backlinks collected are not as qualitative as they seemed. Another reason could be the content on your own page. If it is not unique, relevant or interesting, you can link build whatever you want, but you will not get high positions.


By using the above-mentioned step-by-step plan, we help websites to rank well on the larger keywords. You will not only rank better on the larger keywords, but also on the long tail terms.

This way your website will not only perform on the targeted terms, but you will also receive a lot of traffic from searches with three or four words. These are often targeted questions from the user on which your site is at the top.

Do you have questions or need help collecting these domains? Then take Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!