Guest blogging is embraced as a link building strategy by some, but not by others. In our overview with link building strategies We have briefly mentioned the phenomenon, in this article we will discuss it further.

Why should you guest blog?

Guest blogging is a good strategy to improve your brand awareness on the internet. By making your name visible in several places on the internet, Google can estimate whether you are an “expert” of the trade.

This has two advantages.

  1. Your name will become more known to the visitors of the blog where you publish your guest blog.
  2. Your name / company is linked to a site with much more authority, which in turn ensures more reliability.

An additional advantage may be that you increase the chance of a “ linkbait ” increases. Because your post on an important blog has been read more often, visitors can also check your website more often and link from their articles.

In short, you should not do guest blogging to quickly score a link. It is part of the long-term strategy to become a better known name in your industry. When that succeeds, you will automatically reap the benefits.

How does guest blogging work?

Guest blogging can be done in many ways, yet it is important to choose a way that is not too spammy, but effective. The result is what counts in the end. You will certainly succeed with the following steps.

Select the websites where you want to pitch your idea

When selecting domains to promote your guest blog, it is wise to go for quality and not quantity. So it’s better to pitch on 1 strong domain with a lot of relevance than 100 other domains with less relevance. This saves you time, effort and image damage.

What is a quality site that suits you?

It looks like this:

  1. The website is located in the same industry.
  2. View the performance of the site. Is the domain authority high enough, are there enough visitors, is there a fan base on social media and is it an authority in your industry? If so, it is definitely a contender!
  3. Does the site provide a bio with a guest blog, if not? Then it is of little use for your strategy. If so, and it meets the top two points, the site is definitely worth a pitch.

Submit a cast-iron pitch

Big websites, especially the market leaders, get quite a lot of requests for guest blogs. Then why would they post yours?

This quite depends on the presentation. At Red Bull you don’t end up working with a boring application letter. So it is key to jump out.

How do you do that?

Do your homework

Take a good look at the site where you want to post. Check out how they go about this, which topics are posted a lot, what are you missing on the site and above all, what can you add?

Focus your pitch on the person, not the website

Pitches aimed at the website quickly sound generic. Many editors will drop out on this basis. If they don’t already like your pitch, why should the post be interesting.

By making personal contact and especially telling about your background, you make it more interesting for a site to become a guest blogger.

A little bit of stalking is not bad

The site often includes other guest bloggers, who are these, why are their posts shared and what can you learn from it? Use this information to strengthen your pitch.

Keep it short

If you want to win a guest blog, keep your pitch short and sweet. Editors receive a lot of requests and therefore do not feel like reading long emails. If you can arouse the interest in just a few sentences, the chance of a publication is high.

Write a guest blog that drives traffic to your site.

A strong pitch is difficult, but writing a good guest blog is even more difficult. Your guest blog must be very strong not only for the editors, but also for the reader. The following tips can help you write a strong guest blog.

Write content according to the needs of the visitor

Most readers on the internet read something because they want to know something. The user wants to have information on a particular topic to achieve a particular goal.

So find out exactly what information the user needs. This mainly depends on the purpose. On a site like Tweakers For example, a user’s goal would be to buy a phone. He is looking for information about telephones for this. When you are able to offer super relevant information for this, this fits well with the user.

Optimize the title

By writing an interesting title that is also well put together in terms of SEO, your article will also be able to rank in Google’s search results. That way you not only get direct readers of the site, but your article can still generate traffic from Google after years.

Go in depth with your content

Almost anyone can write a superficial message. There is so much information on the same topics on the internet that even rewriting it is super easy. By really going into depth with your blog and offering information that is unique, you score well. So you will on marketing facts do not quickly get a publication on the topic “5 tips to get more followers on Twitter”.

How do you write that in-depth content?

  1. Do your own research and share your findings.
  2. Get content from other sources and refer to them.
  3. Set a central goal and make sure that all content refers to it.
  4. Think of at least 4 advantages that the readers of your post have over someone who has not read it. This is a good approach to your post.
  5. Divide your guest blog into different sections. So keep the paragraphs short and sweet
  6. Use visuals. In our guide to “linkbait” we tell you why this is useful!

Score backlinks with guest blogging

When you finally succeeded, the party begins. You get more traffic, authority and improve your Google rankings. In addition, your name will become more famous and by regularly publishing already hell.

In addition, you will receive backlinks for third parties faster due to your knowledge and authority. It remains a fairly passive one link building strategy, but it’s well worth it at the end of the ride.

Pay for guest blogs

In addition to publishing great content, you can also choose to pay for guest blogs. This can ensure that you can use this strategy on a larger scale. Read how that works on our about page sponsored posts .