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    Is advertising through Equote right for me?

    Are you an entrepreneur / marketing specialist who wants to bring his brand, product or service to the attention of the local population? Then advertising via Equote is certainly a suitable solution. At Equote we have contacts with more than 1,000 local newspapers, magazines & websites. That way we can always bring your message to the attention of the desired target group.

    Is advertising useful in my situation?

    There are many ways to advertise. We do this through Bannering, sponsored messages and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. You usually advertise if you want to bring your brand, product, service or event to the attention of a specific target group.

    Reaching the target group is done by advertising through the media channels. These include websites, newspapers, television channels and radio stations. Your target group often uses one of these channels. For example a local news website.

    By advertising, your message will be placed in the places where your target group is located. For example, do you want to let us know that you have opened a new store in South Limburg? Then you can ensure that a large part of South Limburg is aware of this via local media. We call this advertise locally .

    Does advertising work?

    You usually advertise to improve the brand awareness of your company, event or other organization in a certain area. Ultimately, this brand awareness should ensure that you get more customers or visitors. You can also advertise to determine the image of your company. Does advertising contribute to improving sales?

    The answer to that is Yes . When you advertise in the right way, you increase your brand awareness. Especially when you advertise in prominent places. Such as the front page of a newspaper, the home page of a local news website or at the top of the news articles. In this way, many people will see your ad.

    When you have the right strategy and appear in the newspaper every week or on a website every day, your organization or brand will stick to the right target group. For example, a bakery will get more customers through advertising than its competitors who do not advertise. This is because the bakery that does advertise is already known to the target group, which means that the consumer is more likely to walk into their store.

    What does advertising cost?

    The benefits of local advertising

    Local advertising ensures that your target group is distributed in the right region. This can be done both online via local news websites and offline via the newspaper. But just which strategy best suits your objectives.

    Because your message is proclaimed locally, you also only pay for the target group that is interesting. Your opening of a store in South Limburg will be less interesting for the residents of Den Helder. Because your ad is not published nationwide, you also pay a lot less.

    By advertising you can therefore reach the right target group at a better price than national advertisements. In addition, you often also reach a group that only follows the local media.

    The results of advertising

    The ultimate result of advertising can only be measured at the bottom of the line. By looking at the turnover or the number of customers prior to the campaign and comparing this with the situation after the campaign, you actually know whether the ad campaign has achieved results or not.

    Advertising strategy

    Whether an advertising campaign achieves results depends on the strategy. When the strategy is in line with the intended objectives, a campaign will be successful. So what that strategy looks like also depends on your goals.

    At Equote you get your own advertising advisor who determines the objectives together with you and discusses an appropriate strategy. In this way we achieve results that are profitable for you as an entrepreneur. That is what you ultimately do it for.

    In which regions do we advertise?

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    Advertising through Equote

    In addition to the fact that you will be assigned your own advertising advisor and will have personal contact. We will also provide the advertising material if desired. For example, we advertise online with at least 3 banners of different sizes. We will therefore also make these and discuss them with you. This is included in our rates.

    Once we have determined the right strategy together, created the creative and selected the right media channels, the campaign will be executed upon approval.

    As soon as the campaign is completed, we will contact you to see what the results are. Based on this, you ultimately decide whether you want to repeat, continue, adjust or stop the campaign.

    The benefits of advertising through Equote

    • Personal contact with your advertising advisor
    • We can access over 1200 local websites, newspapers & magazines
    • You will receive a customized advertising strategy
    • You only advertise in the regions that are of interest to you
    • No unexpected costs

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