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25,000 impressions

  • Local news sites
  • Free production
  • No adult websites
  • Reporting afterwards

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50,000 impressions

  • Local news sites
  • Free production
  • No adult websites
  • Reporting afterwards

CPM € 9, –
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100,000 impressions

  • Local news sites
  • Free production
  • No adult websites
  • Reporting afterwards

CPM € 7, –
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200,000 impressions

  • Local news sites
  • Free production
  • No adult websites
  • Reporting afterwards

CPM € 6, –
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How does it work

Step 1: Choose your package

Choose how often you want your banner to be shown.

Step 2: Choose your region

Choose the region in which you want your ads to be shown.

Step 3: Placement & reporting

We create three banners that fit the local sites. When approved, these will be shown until the number of impressions has been reached.

The advantages of online banners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online bannering

Online banners are used to increase brand awareness. This form of advertising ensures that the banner of your company is shown to the user as often as possible. In this way you bring your brand to the attention of the target group that suits your company.

Online bannering is done in different ways. You can often bid on advertising space via, for example, Google or Bing. However, you can also pin your banner to one website. This way, all users of that website will see your banner.

Where are my banners published?

This depends on the reach and target group you choose. Do you want to draw more attention to your brand in Volendam, for example? Then we will publish these on websites where mainly visitors from Volendam come. That way you only reach the target group that is relevant to you.

Do you want to make your brand more known nationally? Then this can also be done via sites that are visited by visitors from all over the country. Think of national newspapers, magazines or blogs.

Before we start publishing the banners, we always agree on which websites it will be.

Do I have to supply banners myself?

No, we ensure that the banners are made suitable for the websites where we publish. This is part of the service and we do not charge a rate for this. If you already have a banner and want to use it, we will make sure that it appears in the correct format with the publisher on the website.

How do I know how often my banners have been shown?

We receive monthly data from the publishers with the number of visitors and page views. In this way we can report how often your banner has passed by. If your banner is rotated with others, you will receive a report of this. In this case, it may be that not every page view has had a view of your banner. This is kept by the publisher.

Not convinced yet? This is what our customers are saying is clear in what they promise and also keeps these promises.

Jan-Willem / Freelance Internet Marketeer

I have been working with this party for months now and that is going smoothly.

André / Linkbuilding Specialist

Great service, do what they promise.

Marie / Online Marketing Consultant

Affordable prices and personal contact. Fine cooperation.

Caitrina / Online Marketing Specialist

Quick handling of the order, will definitely come back here for my clients.

David / Freelance internet marketeer

I had passed on wrong anchor texts, could still adjust them afterwards. So good service.

Youri / SEO

Nice party to work with.

Sebastiaan / Linkbuilding

Super fast response and placement. Bought me out well before the end of the month.

Laura / Linkbuilding Expert

Neat writing style for blogger outreach.

Marijn / Linkbuilding Specialist

Neat handling of the assignment, doing what they promise.

Leonie / Senior Marketeer

Good service.

Wouter / SEO Consultant

Strong network and good prices.

René / Linkbuilder

I received a quick answer, written and posted my articles within a week.

Peter / Senior Marketeer

Fast response to the mail.

Tom / Linkbuilding Expert

Personal contact goes well.

Stephan / Online Marketing Strategist

Good quality and do what they promise.

Caitlin / Linkbuilder

More than 400 links placed for my customers within 7 days, clear reporting.

Sergio / Linkbuilding Expert

Huge range, reasonable prices. Especially with multiple samples.

Andrea / SEO

All my articles posted within one day, good job.

Tina / SEO Expert

Had good contact with them, helped quickly.

Herm / Linkbuilding